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Prom 2024 in Teal

Prom 2024 in teal: Celebrate the event in style with dazzling teal dresses, matching boutonnieres, and elegant corsages for a memorable night.

After the creative Me-N-U promposal at their favorite spot, it was time for the main event.

Creative promposal menu laid out as a timeline of significant dates and events in a relationship, from appetizers to dessert, detailing personal milestones and future plans.

This year’s Prom was themed “Mystery Masquerade” and took place at the Wright Memorial Event Center in Eden, North Carolina.

About Wright Memorial Event Center:

The Wright Memorial Event Center in Eden, North Carolina, is a versatile venue offering a range of options for hosting special occasions. Located in the scenic region near the Virginia-North Carolina border, it provides a convenient setting for weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings. The facility features spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities, allowing for personalized event setups, whether intimate or large-scale.

In addition to the interior spaces, the Wright Memorial Event Center has well-maintained outdoor areas suitable for open-air ceremonies and social events. The staff is known for their attentive customer service, assisting with event planning and ensuring smooth execution. With its flexible design and picturesque setting, the center is a popular choice for anyone looking to celebrate or gather in the Eden area.

We gathered at 5 p.m. for professional photos with Just Meghan Photography. Our couple’s chosen color scheme was teal, and she dazzled in a teal sequin dress with a long slit, her hair styled in cascading curls pinned back with a sparkling rhinestone barrette.

About Just Meghan Photography:

Just Meghan Photography, based in Henry County, Virginia, is a local photography service known for its personalized and creative approach. Specializing in a variety of photography styles, including family portraits, weddings, and special events, Meghan’s work captures genuine moments that reflect her clients’ personalities and emotions. Her sessions are marked by a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, allowing clients to express themselves naturally.

The studio’s photography embodies a blend of artistic flair and technical skill, resulting in stunning, timeless images that preserve special memories. Whether working on-location or in her studio, Meghan uses her keen eye and friendly demeanor to create a seamless experience from start to finish. Her dedication to delivering high-quality photographs and building strong client relationships has earned her a reputation as a trusted local photographer.

Young woman sitting gracefully in a teal sequin dress with long curls, rhinestone barrette, and teal corsage for Prom 2024.

He looked sharp in a black tuxedo from Suit City, which cost less than a rental and included a vest, jacket, pants, socks, tie, pocket square, and shirt.

About Suit City:

Suit City in Collinsville, Virginia, is a well-known local retailer specializing in men’s formal wear. It’s a one-stop shop for suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, and accessories, offering a diverse selection to fit any occasion, from weddings to business meetings or prom nights. Customers appreciate the quality, affordability, and variety of styles available, making it a convenient place for finding both classic and modern designs.

Aside from men’s formal wear, Suit City provides options for women and children, catering to various tastes and preferences. The store’s knowledgeable staff is on hand to help customers navigate their selections and offer personalized recommendations to ensure each customer finds the perfect fit. Known for its friendly service and impressive inventory, Suit City has become a go-to destination for formal wear in the Collinsville area.

Young man sitting in a black tuxedo with a teal tie and boutonniere, ready for Prom 2024.

My favorite part of the big reveal was the corsage. Simply the Best Flowers in Martinsville, Virginia, crafted a beautiful arrangement featuring white roses and a small masquerade pin to match the “Mystery Masquerade” theme. Adding a personal touch, I included an aurora quartz that I wire-wrapped, a charm engraved with “William and Kylie Prom 2024,” and peacock feathers to complement her teal dress.

About Simply the Best Flowers:

Simply the Best Flowers is a beloved local florist in Martinsville, Virginia, known for its stunning floral arrangements and exceptional customer service. Specializing in creating fresh, artfully designed bouquets for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and sympathy services, the shop has earned a loyal customer base. Their florists carefully source a wide range of flowers to provide arrangements that suit different tastes and preferences, whether customers are seeking classic or contemporary designs.

In addition to individual bouquets, Simply the Best Flowers offers a variety of custom arrangements and gift items. Their team works closely with customers to create personalized floral displays that capture the sentiment and significance of any event. This commitment to quality and attention to detail has made Simply the Best Flowers a go-to destination for beautiful blooms and heartfelt gifts in Martinsville and the surrounding communities.

Close-up of a teal corsage with white roses, a personalized charm, peacock feathers, and a small masquerade mask pin for Prom 2024.

I love the reveal.

The build up of gifting the girl the most beautiful corsage. One that wows and captures her dreams.

About the Corsage Reveal for Prom:

A corsage reveal adds to the anticipation and excitement leading up to prom night. Traditionally, it’s a moment where a student’s date or close friend presents them with a small floral arrangement designed to match their attire. This thoughtful gesture often involves creative or unique presentation methods, making it a memorable and personalized moment. The corsage reveal has become a charming way for students to share the excitement of the evening while showing off their creativity and thoughtfulness in preparation for the big night.

Young man in a black tuxedo holding a teal corsage behind his back for a surprise reveal to a young woman in a teal sequin dress.

The corsage should be one that brings awe and excitement. Ask for something over the top, bring embellishments to the florist and ask them to incorporate them. We brought matching masquerade pins, wire-wrapped crystals, a charm, and sequins from the dress. We asked for a Peacock theme, over the top. and the results were fantastic.

Young woman in a teal sequin dress reacts excitedly to a young man in a black tuxedo presenting a teal corsage during Prom 2024.

To ensure a perfect matching boutonniere, we order at the same time and bring the same “add-ons” we brought to order the corsage. Traditionally the girl is supposed to buy the boutonniere, but we break tradition to ensure they match and it’s all a big surprise for the sweet reveal.

Young woman pins a teal boutonniere on her prom date's black tuxedo jacket while holding a matching teal corsage during Prom 2024.

Close up the boutonniere is so stunning against the black tuxedo jacket.

Close-up of a personalized teal boutonniere featuring peacock feathers, white roses, and a charm with 'William & Kylie Prom 2024' engraved.

The corasage and boutonniere were a perfect match, not only to each other, but to the color of her dress and his tie and pocket square.

A young couple embraces before Prom 2024, with the young woman in a teal sequin dress and the young man in a black tuxedo.

Following photos, the couple dined at Cotton at Riverside Mill in Danville, Virginia and enjoyed dancing and friends at their last prom. 

About Cotton at Riverside Mill:

Cotton at Riverside Mill is a popular dining destination in Danville, Virginia, housed in a renovated historic mill building along the scenic Dan River. It combines a modern, chic atmosphere with rustic charm, reflecting its heritage through exposed brick walls and industrial-style architecture. The restaurant is known for offering a fresh, inventive menu that highlights Southern-inspired cuisine, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients to craft memorable dishes.

In addition to its delectable food, Cotton at Riverside Mill has a comprehensive drink selection, including craft beers, curated wines, and specialty cocktails, which perfectly complement the meals. The restaurant’s riverside setting provides a picturesque backdrop for dining, especially on the outdoor patio where guests can enjoy views of the river while savoring their meals. Whether you’re looking for a special dining experience or a casual bite with friends, Cotton at Riverside Mill delivers a unique blend of culinary creativity and local hospitality.

A young couple poses for Prom 2024, with the young woman in a teal sequin dress leaning against a column and the young man in a black tuxedo.

It was the perfect night, followed by After Prom at NASCAR’s legendary Martinsville Speedway

About Martinsville Speedway:

Martinsville Speedway, located in Ridgeway, Virginia, is a historic NASCAR track known for its unique paperclip shape and short-track racing. At just 0.526 miles, it’s the shortest track on the NASCAR circuit, presenting a challenging mix of tight corners and high-stakes competition. Opened in 1947, it has maintained its legacy as one of the sport’s original tracks, offering fans a thrilling view of bumper-to-bumper racing. The speedway’s rich tradition and unique Martinsville hot dogs make it a fan favorite.

Drivers and teams face fierce competition and strategic challenges due to the track’s tight confines. Frequent collisions and the fight for track position keep both fans and drivers on edge throughout the race. As the only remaining track from the original NASCAR schedule, Martinsville Speedway stands as a testament to NASCAR’s heritage, regularly drawing packed crowds for events like the Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 and the Xfinity 500. The famed Grandfather Clock trophy, awarded to winners, adds a distinct local charm to this iconic motorsports venue.

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