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Survivor Season 7 Finale

Were You REALLY Surprised?
I’ve been watching Survivor since the first season. I love it! I love the interaction of the people. Some may very well choose to have been friends outside the setting, others trying to just get along with someone they consider so far from their social flair.
This season of Survivor is one of the best in a long while. I think Survivor started to go downhill after Australia’s Outback Season when the contests were so malnourished that they were losing hair. There’s just something about the word SURVIVOR and a remote place that makes me feel like providing food really takes away from the game.
At any rate, I was rooting for Boston Rob. I love that cockroach. He is brilliant. He is charismatic. He seemed to be the Rob-Father of the game. Then Tyson made a foolish move, sold out and that right there, Folks, changed the game.
Colby was my next favorite, but after watching him I could only ponder what happened to that amazing Muscle Man who still holds the Survivor Title for MOST Immunity Titles. He was invincible. He was a force. This season, I probably could have whomped up on him.
So those were my favorites.
Then there was Russell. He made me cringe. I called him a “Troll”. He was coniving. He was down-right ruthless. I believe Survivor requires things from a person that they wouldn’t normally do, however, Russell took a human’s code of ethics and warped them to things I just don’t think anyone should ever resort to…period.
Parvati. I’ve never seen what it is that this girl has. She did well in the challenges, winning three at a crucial time in the game. There’s no doubt these saved her.
Sandra played the game. She played both sides. She had an alliance, and I believe, for the most part she pledged her alliegence to that alliance, however, she was nobody’s fool in this game. She recognized her alliance wasn’t necessarily sold on taking her to the final four. She made that happen.
There was no surprise for me when Jeff Probst announced Sandra as the winner.
How about for you?
I think the bigger question is this: Is there anyone that Russell could have taken to the final three, and won against?
Sandra Diaz-Twine, the “Queen of Survivor,” first won in Season 7, Survivor: Pearl Islands, and later in Season 20, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
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