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Wolverine Defeats THE Tree

Or At Least, Lives to Tell It That Way!
Sunday we had the opportunity to purchase a camper shell for my husband’s truck. We’ve been looking for one and this one was a great price and matched perfectly. The drawback was that it was in Idaho, about two hours from us.
Grandpa stepped up to watch the kiddos and so Husband and I headed out. We picked up the shell and headed back home. About thirty-five minutes from home, Li’l Man called. We thought nothing of it. He told us he loved us.
When we were back home, Li’l Man wasted no time in sharing with us his adventures. He is a true boy. He cannot resist sticks, puddles, dirt and trees.
The latter would be his downfall.
You see, at my Grandfather’s, there is an apricot tree. It has been there from my earliest memories. It lures its victims. It has a trunk JUST short enough you can climb into it. The branches from there fan out in a way that makes it look like it will cradle you.
While playing Super Hero. Li’l Man took on the role of Wolverine. The Apricot Tree, I’m sure was originally destined to be his “head-quarters” but very quickly he discovered the tree’s true nemesis.
It’s unclear how far into the tree he had made it before the battle took on evil. What is clear is Li’l Man aka Wolverine, fell.
Here is the result:
arm with abrasion into arm pit
This is Li’l Man’s arm…the abrasion extends well into his arm pit.
This is Li’l Man’s forearm and inside of his arm. This is the continuation of the above photo.
And this.
 This is the side of Li’l Man’s abdomen.
It extends from where his leg is attached all the way up under his chest.
Now if only Li’l Man HEALED like Wolverine!
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