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Spoonful of Comfort Sweet Squeeze Gift Set

Introducing the Spoonful of Comfort Sweet Squeeze Gift Set!

Indulge in a delightful experience that combines comfort and sweetness. This Sweet Squeeze Gift Set is carefully curated to bring you the perfect blend of refreshing flavors and nostalgic charm. It’s a treat that will warm your heart and lift your spirits.

Inside this thoughtfully crafted package, you’ll find a jar of their  natural lemonade mix, made with real lemon pulp. Just add water, and voila! You’ll have a half gallon of delicious, tangy lemonade that will quench your thirst on hot summer days or any time you crave a burst of citrusy goodness.

To enhance your sipping pleasure, they’ve included a pair of old-fashioned glass mugs. These sturdy and elegant mugs bring a touch of nostalgia to your sipping experience, allowing you to relish every sip of your refreshing lemonade.

And to complete the vintage charm, they’ve included a set of vintage paper straws. These whimsical straws add a playful twist to your drink, reminding you of simpler times and making your sips even more enjoyable.

But they didn’t stop there – they’ve taken extra care to ensure that every detail is perfect. The Sweet Squeeze Gift Set is beautifully packaged, exuding warmth and love from the moment it arrives. And to make it truly personal, they’ve included a handwritten note card. You can express your heartfelt message to a loved one, a friend, or even yourself, making this gift truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or a delightful treat for yourself, the Spoonful of Comfort Sweet Squeeze Gift Set is the perfect choice. Experience the joy of sipping homemade lemonade, the charm of vintage mugs, and the beauty of a handwritten note wrapped up in one exquisite package.

About Spoonful of Comfort 

How many times has it come to your attention that someone isn’t feeling well? Is your thought chicken soup?  Did you know Spoonful of Comfort is based off that thought?
In October 2007, a woman returned to Florida after visiting her mother in New Brunswick, Canada. The next day the phone rang and it was her mother with the news that she had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She couldn’t just turn around and go back, and that, added to the shock, fear, and panic, left her feeling helpless. She needed to “do something”.
The daughter looked into sending flowers, and fruit but it didn’t seem appropriate. It didn’t seem like an expression of how much she cared nor did if feel it was a gift of to comfort her mother. Her immediate thought was chicken soup. Like many mothers, it’s what was made for her by the woman who was now facing cancer, to comfort her in her time of need. It was the idea for Spoonful of Comfort.
Sadly, the mother passed just six short weeks later. In those final weeks, comforts, including lots of soup were delivered from many of her eleven siblings and close friends. In spite of all the soup, her mother never had the opportunity to try her daughter’s soup.
Spoonful of Comfort honors her mother. It is a hug for a sick one near and dear. Spoonful of Comfort promises to make and deliver a Spoonful of Comfort to your loved ones with as much care and love as if she were sending it to her mother.
Established in 2008, the company is dedicated to the memory of Mona Bowes, the founder’s mother. A portion of all sales supports cancer research and patient advocacy via a memorial fund in her name.
Spoonful of Comfort lets someone know you’re thinking of them.
Four years later, the comfort goes beyond the soup and is still rich in love.

Our Spoonful of Comfort Sweet Squeeze Review

Take the Sweet Squeeze Gift Set:

It’s the perfect comfort when life hands a loved one lemons! This Sweet Squeeze gift set takes those lemons and gives them lemonade! All-natural lemonade, made with real lemon pulp!
Ours arrived and brought delight to us as we struggled with the desert heat and surrounding wildfires.
sweet squeeze

Gift Set includes:

  • Natural lemonade mix made with real lemon pulp (makes 1/2 gallon)
  • Pair of old-fashioned glass mugs
  • Vintage paper straws
  • Beautifully gift packaged with handwritten note card
Tonight the kiddos were disappointed because they were expecting a loved one who has been delayed. Even an hour past bedtime there was no sign of their guest, so  I let them open Chocolate Chip Cookies.
chocolate chip cookies

My sister makes amazing cookies, just like my mom. I was incredibly surprised when I opened the cellophane bag and discovered these cookies were moist and decadent. They are also HUGE.

chocolate chip cookie

The children loved them, and the cookies were so big that they could only eat half, but they insisted I put the other half away so they could eat it tomorrow. Even with bite after bite, the cookies didn’t crumble. They melt in your mouth and remind me of being home!

There are a lot of companies that claim to taste homemade, but very few can boast it with the truth.

Spoonful of Comfort has earned boasting rights! From the lemonade to the chocolate chip cookies there was goodness in every bite. The yellow ribbon with white polka-dot tied to the cookies gave it the feel of neighborly love.

Final Thoughts

From Chicken Soup and rolls to lemonade, cookies, and more. Customize your Spoonful of Comfort by mixing, matching, and creating a gift that will be remembered.

Send a spoonful of comfort to someone today and know that it will be a gift that captures the eyes and warms the heart and the goodness inside will nourish the soul.

Order your Sweet Squeeze Gift Set today and let the taste of nostalgia and comfort envelop you in sweetness. Visit our website or call our friendly customer support to place your order. Spoonful of Comfort – because comfort is the most meaningful gift of all.

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