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Southwestern Interior Design Is On The Rise

Southwestern interior design is on the rise.

Southwestern style is in the design spotlight, motivating many to adopt it in their home decor.

There are myriad reasons behind this rise in popularity, not least of which is its bold versatility.

Interior design thrives on value for money.

Southwestern style is exceptional in this regard, as it provides color, warmth, functionality, durability, and ease of use.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Southwestern rugs, leather upholstered furniture, warm and earth-toned wall colors, as well as durable terracotta flooring, are hallmarks of this style. 

In this article, we will explore how to bring the Southwestern-style into your home successfully.

southwestern decor woven blankets close up

Fantastic Color

This style features earthy or deep jewel tones on the walls that provide stunning backdrops to any accessories or artwork.

This contrast is appealing and provides room to explore combinations.

Blues, reds, and greens are ideal in wall hangings and artwork, while bright colors such as teals, mauves, and whites, feature in wall tiles.

Southwestern rugs embrace all these colors in intricate patterns and shapes, while furniture languishes in earthy tones.

This intelligent use of color on walls, tiles, and upholstered furniture, as well as on soft furnishings, is partly what makes the southwestern style so accessible.  

Two southwest decor Pillows on Gray Couch


Rustic Furniture

Furniture in this design tends to be rustic, durable, chunky, comfortable, and cozy.

For instance, chairs are made using pine wood, while tables may incorporate wrought-iron features.

You’ll find leather or natural high-grade cotton on couches and sofas, giving the room a homely milieu.

These materials are easy to maintain and surprisingly durable—another advantage for the satisfied homeowner

southwestern interior design living room

Fascinating Texture

Southwestern style is all about how it feels, and this style stands out.

It’s a mix of materials in various furniture pieces, including:

Wrought iron on railings, light fixtures, and doorknobs

Hand-carved furniture

Wooden structural beams

Hand-painted wall tiles

Woven southwestern rugs

Leather on couches and sofas

Homeowners can use all these textural varieties to create appeal and warmth.

Unique Architecture

Southwestern style has embraced modern architecture in homes, facilitating a striking contrast between the traditional and the contemporary elements.

Some widely used materials in architecture include:

Terracotta tile floors

Large exposed wooden beams

Coarse stucco-style plaster

Large, heavy pine doors with wrought iron hardware

All these features work in tandem to define this unique American design style.

southwestern interior design bright blue stool against orange wall and mexican tiles

Authentic Accessories

Walk into any southwestern-style home, and you’ll see specific items that instantly define this genre.

Some notable features found all over the house include:

Native American clay jars and pots

Southwestern rugs as floor coverings or wall hangings

Over-sized handmade candles

Bleached skulls

Wrought iron floor or desk lamps

Additional design ideas include the installation of leather saddles, wagon wheels, and other functional art pieces to channel the authentic southwestern cowboy lifestyle. recommends Incorporating desert foliage, like cacti, also plays a central role in this unique style. 

cow skull with flower next to horn hanging on wall as part of southwestern interior design

Bringing The Look Together–Creating A Stunning Living Room

Your living room is a window into your lifestyle.

It’s the first room visitors see and where we spend the most time and effort.

Creating a cozy environment for your family and guests is simple when the southwestern elements inspire you.

Follow these tips to bring together that definitive southwestern style to spice up the living room:

Install mono-colored terracotta tiles, brick or natural stone on the floor.

Place woven southwestern rugs in living room areas, such as in front of the fireplace.

Use wrought iron floor and desk lamps.

Source themed artwork featuring desert landscapes or a ranch lifestyle.

Display handmade pottery on wooden shelves.

Replace the coffee table with a vintage hand-carved storage chest.

sotuhwestern interior design of home

Final Thoughts

These features highlight why the Southwestern design style is on the rise in many American homes and Southwestern Rugs Depot is a popular choice.

It’s colorful, functional, easy to maintain, and durable.

It looks downright impressive too!

Making a significant style statement has never been easier, especially if you choose to incorporate authentic Native American-made southwestern rugs into the design.

There are so many options for Southwestern Interior Design to personalize any room in your home.

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