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Luxury Interior Design: Top 5 Tips to a High-End Interior

Luxury interior design offers several benefits. High-end furniture and furnishings are more durable. Since they don’t require constant replacement, these furnishings are environmentally friendly. Many are custom-made and one-of-a-kind. Thus, you can lay your claim to them. Moreover, luxury pieces are timeless.

You can hire a high-end interior designer to redesign your home luxuriously. It’s also possible to take some steps on your own.

The following are the top five tips to a high-end interior design from luxury interior designers.

1.  Avoid Clutter

To achieve a high-end interior, declutter first. Luxury breathes and lives with the less is more mantra. Some interior designers point out that decluttering must be ruthless.

Clutter hides the features of a custom sofa and robs the luster from the window dressings.

In addition, clutter creates more dust and work. High-end furnishings require careful maintenance. Many pieces are delicate. You don’t want to clean them more often than necessary.

Dust, allergens, and debris find places to settle. If your home consists of books stacked on the floor, several exposed knick-knacks, and too many furnishings, they create homes for the pollutants. The particles impact your home’s indoor air quality explains Harvard Health.

Aesthetically, it’s not a pleasing sight anyway.

All households accumulate stuff. It’s inevitable. Pay attention to the things that replace others. Be mindful of the stuff that doesn’t serve a worthwhile purpose.

A great way to avoid clutter is an annual spring cleaning weekend. It helps you throw away the clutter and donate the items that still have some life left in them.

Large living room studio with a kitchenette and a balcony in an organic style. Organic Architecture in interior design. 3D render.

2.  Opt for Custom Pieces

Mass-produced furnishings and furniture are wonderful for homes that only require basic interior design. However, when you aim for luxury, it’s a different story.

Luxury means living extravagantly. For others, it’s about opulence. The ultimate sign of luxury is filing a home with custom pieces.

A luxury interior designer decorates and styles a home. It’s also their job to find antique, vintage, and custom pieces.

Craftspeople make their living producing custom pieces for their high-end clients. In some trades, it’s impossible to recreate the same piece twice. Thus, you know you’re going to acquire unique furnishings.

Value also determines whether an item qualifies as luxury. The more unique the piece, the higher its value. It boils down to supply and demand because others covet it.

3.  Start from the Foundation

Luxury starts from the bottom, meaning the floors. You can pick from hardwood floors or carpeted floors. The key is to opt for the best materials.

If you opt for carpeting, wool is the most luxurious material. For the average household, it provides the most durable option. It’s cost-effective and requires low maintenance.

For luxury interior design, craftspeople weave in silk fibers. The silk allows them to turn wool into a beautiful rug that doubles as a talking piece.

To create a high-end interior, acquire at least one luxury rug. For a first-time rug buyer, visit a couple of designer rug stores in-person or online. For example, Lawrence of La Brea features their inventory online. Their showroom is also open to clients figuring out the perfect rug that compliments their home’s high-end interior.

A high-end rug complements an antique sofa, custom-made table, and crystal chandelier.

4.  Focus on Natural Light

Lighting goes hand in hand with luxury. During the 1920s in the United States, no party was complete decor-wise without at least one chandelier. If your home consists of high ceilings, it requires a few beautiful chandeliers. Homes with high ceilings often have tall windows too.

The high-end interior makes use of natural light. Pick out window dressings that complete the interior and maximize the sun’s rays. The window dressings also control the sun’s exposure to the interior furnishings. The more exposure they receive, the faster they’ll fade. 

The home’s interior requires a balance of natural light during the daytime and lighting fixtures for the evenings.

5.  Integrate Technology

In 2021, technology does some pretty cool things. Smarthomes are more common. It’s possible to integrate tech into luxury interior design.

In a smart home, technology controls the appliances and it’s part of everyday life. Your television, music, and indoor entertainment are attached to tech. Successfully integrating it into a high-end interior involves hiding all its wires and controls.

Antique luxury furniture pieces don’t have spaces to run wires through. Custom-made furnishings will have slots. Consider the amount of tech in your home and speak with your interior designer. It helps them come up with a design plan that won’t cause your luxury to clash with the tech.


Achieving a high-end interior design requires a few steps. If you hire a luxury interior designer, you’re still involved in the process. You dictate the color scheme and other details. It’s up to the designer to turn your vision into a reality. Before the design begins, remember to declutter. Luxury begins from the ground. Then maintain it accordingly.


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