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Southern Ooaks Bunny Barrettes Review

Bunny Barrettes Review

Today was a short day at school…the beginning of Spring Break.

The girls wanted to show their friends their new Bunny Barrettes from Regina of Southern Ooaks.

I hesitated because I really want them to wear them on Saturday to the BIG Egg Hunt at Thanksgiving Point, but I surrendered.


Who can blame my girls for wanting to wear THESE barrettes? 

bunny barrettes on the bow

They are decked out to the max and SCREAM Spring with the very girly pink with heart print ribbon all looped up like a bow tie on the Easter Bunny himself–more about him in a moment!

Under the loops of lavish ribbon is a hand-made sculpture–one has a Paw and the other a Flower. 

That’s just the beginning.

Inside the sculpture is a charm that bears the first initial of my girl’s name.

Abi is thrilled because her initials are “A” and “M”–the VERY same initials of Abi and MacKenzie!

Can you say PIGTAILS!

Southern Ooaks Jewelry bunny barrettes

As an added bonus–one the girls have NOT yet discovered, the charm/sculpture can be unwound and worn as a necklace.

I know! CLEVER!

Then. Then there’s the Easter Bunny.

His face is hand sculpted by Regina and painted with a delicate “blush” color to give him some details….like FUR!

Set inside the sculpture are his eyes…black beads!

His nose and bottom lip are freaking adorable!

From here on up it just gets even more fun and cute!

His ears.

White felt ears hand-stitched with a blanket stitch with the furriest, softest pink yarn inside make me want to just PET him every time I see him!

On the left ear is a butterfly button that is just over the top charming!

bunny barrettes

Oh, but there’s more. Today I discovered the ears are POSEABLE! I know! CLEVER!

Thank you, Regi!

You are amazing!

bunny barrettes

We went tonight to have Li’l Man’s hair fixed–a post is soon to come on this adventure–and while at the “Haircutting Store” you’d have thought the girls were celebrities.

EVERYONE flocked around them to compliment them on their Bunny Barrettes.

Thankfully, the LOVE to be the center of attention!

We LOVE these Bunny Barrettes.

I know you wish you had one!

Sorry. Southern Ooaks is ALL out..Knee-ner-knee-ner-knee-ner…..keep checking though–they’re worth the wait!

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