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Southern Ooaks Jewelry Review

Southern Ooaks Jewelry Review

I love packages.

I love packages that say, “Thank You”.

They just really make for a great day that’s filled with warm fuzzies.

Recently, Regina, the creator behind Southern Ooaks sent a “Thank You” package that was filled with generous gratitude.

I’ll be sharing that box’s content in separate reviews, but for now, I want to focus on the bracelet and earrings Regina made me.

Southern Ooaks jewelry is unique.

It’s all hand-made by Regina herself.

I love that.

I love when jewelry reflects who I am rather than a generic cookie-cutter item–though I have plenty of those!

Right now, Southern Ooaks is having a jewelry sale and just reduced the pricing, for a limited time, on her Gypsy Line, Steam Punk Fashion and Faery Jewelry Line.

An entire set is between $20.00 and $25.00.

What a great way to treat yourself, tell someone they are loved or remember Mom for Mother’s Day.

The bracelet I received is made from a brown chocolate twine that is macrame into this amazing 3D twirled design.

From this ‘twirled twine” hang turquoise drop beads with deeper glue green hand-blown glass beads.

The beads are separated and accented by sterling silver beads and cleverly crafted wire.

I REALLY love how the beads stay put with the loop on the bottom.

It’s a delightful color scheme, almost monochromatic with chocolate flair!

The glass beads really capture the light and seem to illuminate between the turquoise drops and chocolate twine.

It’s truly stunning.

The bracelet has a twisted sterling silver wire clasp that seems like an extension of the “twirled twine” and compliments the beadwork nicely.                                                             

The earrings match the dangling beads on the bracelet with the deep hand-blown glass beads, sterling silver separating beads and turquoise drops.

They have sterling silver hooks.

These look great with the bracelet and on their own.

I wore this set while running errands and I received so many compliments.

The craftsmanship is beautiful.

There are many details on these pieces and it is sturdy.

I love these pieces for many reasons: the color combination, the variety of mediums (twine, silver, beads, turquoise, and glass) and for its dangling style.

What I love most is that it is handmade and reflects my fun and flirty personality!

Go and get yourself some one-of-a-kind bling!

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