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The Season of Giving…but Not Too Much

We’re in the thick of the holiday shopping season and have gifts on the brain.  All this leads up to the “most wonderful time of the year.”  For many of us, this season of giving is spoiled by the stress of overspending.

Though the economy is still pretty fragile, many of us will still fall prey to spending and spending over the next few weeks.  In the face of financial insecurity and job instability, we continue to allow both external pressures –Gifts!  Parties!  Kids! – as well as our internal crabs to guide how we spend our money.

Chicago Healers Practitioner Julie Murphy Casserly shares tips to reel in spending during the holidays:

·         Avoid charging every credit card to the max – Take a load off by not racking up too much debt.  Lay off the credit card by not charging things you can’t afford.

·         Use cash – Try to use cash as much as possible, within reason.  Studies have shown that when people spend cash, they are most likely to think twice about purchasing something major says Live Science.

·         50/50 split – Try setting aside 50% of your holiday spending to cash and putting the rest on credit cards.

The goal here is to lessen your financial and emotional load during the holiday season.  During this season of giving, give to others what you can.  But give to yourself the gift of less stress and more holiday love.

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