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Real Book Tour and Review

Real is a book that tugs my heart strings. It sits on my nightstand and I find myself opening it’s pages throughout the day. The photos are amazing and accessorized by prose that makes the beauty of this book impeccable. Real is a story about the life of the person who owns the hands. The stories are amazing and written elegantly. I feel like I know the hands and the person behind them.

Cover of the book,REAL

Cover of the book, REAL

I love the charm and mystery of not knowing whose hands they are. They could be anyone. The photographs only show the hands, never the identity. They could be mine, yours, my sisters, my grandmothers, anyone. It’s what makes this book a keeper. The hands can be anyone’s and it makes it easy to insert someone you love into their place.

The book is divided into Hope, Courage, Love and more sections. While I read it cover to cover, the categories are an attractive option if there is something in your life you want to be more centered on. REAL captures so many emotions and gives encouragement.
REAL is one of my most favorite books of the year. I found it really touching. It seemed like more of an experience to me than a book.

About the Book REAL:

Malcolm delivers a remarkable work of inspiration with 60 biographical stories, each illustrated by a captivating photo by professional photographer Terilee Dawn Ouimette. The stories are deeply revealing, while the photos are anonymous, focusing only on each subject’s hands. Research for the coffee table-style book was accomplished through a series of interviews and photo shoots, with subjects ranging from adolescent to elderly, from former gangster to humble homeless, international refugee to hero-housewife, from pro athlete to Hollywood celebrity.

Focusing on her subjects’ hands instead of their faces allows Malcolm’s subjects to share more freely about their lives, tragedies, hopes, dreams, loves, and toils. Ouimette displays an uncanny ability to capture each character’s essence on film by depicting one of more sets of hands at work, at play, giving or receiving help. The result shows the genius of the project, the use of anonymity displaying a greater level of intimacy and vulnerability than might have been possible by any other means.

Malcolm states that her inspiration for the book came from a dream with similar images, revealing the beauty in imperfections in a person’s hands. “The hand image is made beautiful by the life behind it,” she explains. “More anonymous than a face or even eyes which show identity and emotion, our hands portray our work, our affection, scars…even our mistakes.”
According to photographer Ouimette, “People can feel even more connected to photographs of hands than faces. There is a little bit of mystery to each one – allowing the reader to visually connect with the inspiring story.”

Confronting the importance of status and beauty in our society, “Real” honestly unveils the life stories of remarkable individuals through moving images and stories that range from tragic to hopeful to triumphant.

Real – The Book from David Malcolm on Vimeo.
Shelley Malcolm Author of Real

Shelley Malcolm Author of Real

About the Author:

While “Real” is her first published book, Malcolm is no stranger to creative projects, as co-owner and restorer of an historic chapel, La Perla del Mar in Shell Beach, CA, and a set designer for theater and film. Shelley Malcolm was named Pismo Beach’s Citizen of the Year in 2011 for her extensive contributions and involvement in the community. Proceeds from the book benefit the author’s favorite charities. Shelley Malcolm graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in dental hygiene. Shelley Malcolm resides in Shell Beach, California with her husband, Doug.

Shelley has four adult children. Her interests include painting, drawing, sculpting, building, playing piano and other musical instruments, outdoor activities including hiking, ocean kayaking, running, water and snow-skiing, international travel, sewing, reading, writing and others. 


About the photographer: 
Terilee Dawn Ouimette

Terilee Dawn Ouimette specializes in photographing weddings, families and newborns through her business, Terilee Dawn Photography. Ouimette’s love of photography began with a gift of her first camera at the age of eight. Her collaboration on the book “Real” with author Shelley Malcolm represents the first published book for both women. Terilee Dawn resides in Shell Beach, California with her husband and the couple’s newborn son, Grayson. Ouimette’s hobbies include art, photography, crafting, reading, and travel. For more information about her work please visit

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By Shelley Malcolm
ISBN: 9780578090313
Hardcover 8.5×8.5 Retail price: $32.99
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ISBN 9781452056715
Paperback 8.5×8.5 Retail price: $29.99
Available online Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Note cards are also available:
Please Note: PROCEEDS OF THIS BOOK GO TO FUND SEVERAL CHARITIES. Visit for more information.
*I received REAL through Litfuse in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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