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Slim-Fast Better Taste

For years Slim Fast and I have been together. It’s an on off relationship. In my desperate times to lose weight, I chugged the chalk-tasting drink just to get it down. With all the stress of my aunt (she’s still hanging in there), my grandma, my in-laws visiting and my neighbor passing away, I was feeling run down and making terrible choices when it came to eating. Then my Klout perk came with the new Slim Fast.

Guess I haven’t been that good of a friend in the Julee/Slim Fast relationship because I didn’t even know it had a new look at taste. The Klout perk had four bottles of Creamy Milk Chocolate Slim Fast and while the Cappuccino has been my steady favorite, chocolate anything ranks right up there.

First, the new bottles are awesome. That’s right; I said bottles…not cans. They remind me of what I’d like my waistline to look like if I could ever stick with good eating habits. It felt indulgent. Far more than that heavy out-dated can Slim Fast once came in. They have a cap that can be screwed back on, making this truly a drink for those on the go!

The taste. Oh, it is creamy. It really tastes like a luxury–like a little kid getting to have chocolate milk for breakfast!

So after my four shakes from my Klout perk were gone, I was feeling a little more in control and guess what? I went and bought a six pack, just to, you know, do something for myself!

While I can’t report I’ve lost any weight, I can tell you that it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve really let myself go in these past two months. I’m not proud, but the New Slim Fast is helping me get a grip and get back into life.

*I received Slim Fast as a Klout Perk. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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