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Terralina Review

Natural Skin Care for Natural Beauty

As I get older, my skin because more important to me. I realize its importance and wish that I could go back in time and take better care of it…less sun, more sunscreen, and moisturizer. Cleaners that were more pure and natural. I suppose I’m picky. I want something awesome that doesn’t break the bank or cause me to break out.

Gina Garrubbo and Patricia Bazan Garrubbo are women extremely passionate about creating luxurious skincare products that are all-natural. They were so passionate; they created Terralina, a company committed to Nature and Beauty. Terralina is based on their belief that what goes onto your skin goes into your body. I believe that this is true.

I was provided the Terralina line to review and am very impressed with this product. I’ve tried other natural facial care systems in the past, but they felt like I was smearing vaseline on my face, and I just couldn’t get with that feeling. Ick! Terralina was a refreshing change from this.

While other facial cleansers, moisturizers, and lines contain parabens, PEGS, ethoxylates, glycols, acrylates, silicones, and other artificial ingredients, Terralina uses olive oil, olive leaf, and white tea as primary ingredients. One visit to their Ingredients Glossary showing the comparison of Terralina and mainstream cosmetic products will show you the stark contrast. Don’t really know what you’re looking at? Visit the Articles of Interest section to read recent articles about ingredients and cosmetics.

Simply put, Terralina only uses what is essential, effective, and safe.

Terralina has committed to Nature:

At Terralina, we are committed to using environmentally sensitive packaging practices. We under-package and use recycled, reusable and recyclable materials as well as encourage reusability of our packaging when possible.

It’s a big commitment. Then my package arrived, and enclosed with the moisturizer was a note that shared that commitment and encouraged repurposing:

Upon completion of your cream, we encourage you to reuse your glass jar as a candle holder.

Great idea! I thought, and then I read further:

We have enclosed a FREE soy tea-light candle which fits nicely into your cleaned jar. So, take a moment for yourself, light your candle and enjoy the peaceful serenity of knowing that you have made a commitment to healthy skin and to protecting and preserving our environment.

It gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it?

So let’s talk about the product itself.

I received Terralina’s Ultimate Collection for review.

This collection includes:

Terralina Gentle Facial Cleanser (3.4 oz)
Terralina Gentle Toner (6.7 oz)
Terralinna Gentle Facial Moisturizer (1.5 oz
Terralina Gentle Facial Exfoliator (2.75 oz)
Terralina Body Lotion (8 oz)
Soy Tea-light Candle & Organza Bag.
The Ultimate Collection has a Suggested Manufacturer’s retail of $138.
I started with the Terralina Gentle Facial Exfoliator. This is designed to exfoliate and leave your pores clean and complexion revitalized. I am a firm believer in exfoliating. I used a small drop, about the size of a pea, and massaged it across my face. I was immediately impressed that it wasn’t rough but not so gentle that I wondered what its purpose was. It uses Adzuki beans, carnauba, and finely ground olive pits for exfoliating. It also combines Willowherb and bisabolol to soothe and prevent irritation, and White Tea and olive oil moisturize and provide antioxidant benefits. My skin felt awesome when I rinsed.
Immediately following the exfoliator, I jumped into the  Gentle Facial Cleanser. It has a nice body and is soft to the touch. No sulfates, additives, use of mineral oil, or detergents are used in this product. Because of its purity of ingredients, it lather. Oat and botanical cleansers work to maintain a natural PH balance of the skin. It has a delicate scent of Rosewood and white tea. It isn’t heavy, and it rinsed off incredibly well, leaving my skin really soft.
Terralina’s Gentle Moisturizer was a superstar! It had delectable coverage with an ultra-sheer feel. It went on easy without tugging or coating my skin. Ingredients include antioxidant-rich olive oil and white tea to help combat the damage of free radicals and signs of aging, hyaluronic acid, and squalane to hydrate the skin lupine protein extract to help increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity. From the moment I put it on until I took it off, it was like nothing was there. Now that’s how a moisturizer should be!
Finally, after showering, I used the body lotion. It’s available in scented and fragrance-free. I prefer fragrance-free was my personal favorite enabling me to add a perfume or fragrance that suits me. I found the lotion to be light and non-greasy. My skin loved it, and I could feel it hydrating where the toll of our desert summer has become evident. Its combines shea butter, sandalwood, olive oil, and other natural items help the lotion fully moisturize and seep into your skin. I really love this lotion.

Terralina also offers products for the face and body. There are some wonderful kits in their Collections, or you can purchase the items individually. For a personal touch, Terralina also offers a gift-wrapping service.

I love Terralina. I love the ease of use. I love the feel of the product, and the results are stellar. Above all, I love that the ingredients are natural. The only thing I feel is missing in the Terralina line is sunscreen. It’s something I am diligent in using whether I leave the house or not. I hope in the future Terralina will include this necessity for healthy skin in their line of products.

I received the Terralina Ultimate Skin Care Collection from Terralina and Mama Buzz to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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