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Treat Mom to Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care

Welcome to Utah. We are a desert, yet our winters are cold and wet and our Summers hot and dry. I watch what the climate here does to our roads. They are constantly under construction. The same can be said of our deserts where the ground is hard and cracked. What I never realized in my youth, was how similar my skin was to the ground around me.

Before my dad’s skin cancer, I was a sun worshiper. As a teen, I remember smearing myself with Crisco and literally baking in the sun for hours. Now, I’m a sunscreen and moisturizer freak–both something I thought to be frivolous!

In ten days I will celebrate my birthday. I see that the choices in my past have not been gifts of beauty for my skin. My days of worshiping the sun and not moisturizing have edged themselves in small lines on my face. I am saddened that it took such a serious thing to make me realize how harsh the elements are on skin. My complexion is dull, my skin begs for hydration.

During the winter I stay bundled beneath layers of long sleeves and pants. Moisturizing my body seems to get lost in the layers to keep warm.

Recently on a travel channel, we watched an episode about Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most unique and popular attraction. Tourists and locals bathe and relax in the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, known for its positive effects on the skin. It was beautiful and truly a place of relaxation. I wanted to soak away the monotony of my daily grind and be reintroduced to Mother Nature.

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most visited sites with more than 400,000 visitors annually. It holds six million liters of geothermal brine all of which is renewed in 40 hours. One of the coolest things is that guests actually bathe between two continents as the Euro-Asian and American tectonic plates meet at the Blue Lagoon.

For over a month I’ve been using Blue Lagoon Iceland, the world’s first Naturceutical Skincare brand. It is an amazing product that captures the remarkable healing power of Iceland’s natural Blue Lagoon, including the scientifically accepted treatment of psoriasis.

My journey has been with Blue Lagoon Iceland’s Silica Mud Mask (MSP: $100). There’s nothing fancy about the packaging. By all accounts its simple. It’s a sleek, white tube with a simple silver band around the base.

I was shocked when I squeezed the tube to apply it and instead of encountering a dark (mud-looking) cream Blue Lagoon Iceland was white, it was thick and not gloppy. Out of the tube, by all appearances it looked like it contained something that looked like salt and I was expecting a harsh exfoliation.

I carefully began rubbing it on my face and discovered it was smooth. There was no tingling, no scrubbing texture and my skin didn’t start to tighten. It was smooth and luxurious! Approved by dermatologists and fragrance and color free, I even invited my children to share in the pampering.

We let the mask dry for five minutes. It was removed easily with water and when we dried our faces, it was a beautiful thing! Li’l Man has dry chapped cheeks year-round and after one application of this his cheeks were soft and didn’t feel chaffed.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Silica Mud Mask is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It cleans the face and yields supple skin that’s soft to the touch and eliminates the dullness that builds up.

About Blue Lagoon Iceland’s Silica Mud Mask:

The Silica mud is the Blue Lagoon’s signature element. The pure white geothermal mud deep cleanses and exfoliates. Naturally strengthens skin’s barrier function¹. Brings out the skin’s inner glow, gives it a vital energy boost and smooth complexion. Excellent face & body mask. 
Use 2-3 times a week or when skin needs en extra boost. Fragrance and color free.

I received Blue Lagoon Iceland Silica Mud Mask in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.

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