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Review: Radius Toothbrush

Brush Your Chompers with Radius
Intelligent Manual Toothbrush

I’m a freak when comes to oral hygiene. It’s also one of the things I find challenging in getting my kiddos to do. They’re so stinkin’ picky about the two-minute timer and the texture of their toothbrush bristles. I drive my husband bonkers over the time we keep our toothbrushes, throwing them away every six weeks, and then there’s the challenge of actually getting the kiddos to brush their chompers.

We were sent a RADIUS Intelligent Manual Toothbrush to review and I was certain when it arrived it would be a product the kiddos rolled their eyes at saying, “yeah, right!” I was mistaken. Li’l Man for some reason called “Dibbs” on the RADIUS and we’ve not looked back since.
The RADIUS Intelligent Manual toothbrush is a smart cookie. It has a two-minute timer built-in with a beep and flash when it’s time to switch quadrants. It keeps him entertained and on his toes as he counts the beeps.
Thsi toothbrush has a lightweight handle and soft bristles. I love the width of the brush as it works very well at cleaning Li’l Man’s entire mouth and does great work at getting all his teeth. In fact with RADIUS he’s brushing with 65% more bristle tufts than an ordinary toothbrush.

Wondering how you know when it’s time to toss the toothbrush? No need to buy the whole toothbrush again. Once the bristles are worn out, you simply replace the head with a new one. This Intelligent Toothbrush has a 90 Day wear meter – after 180 uses the light changes to red to indicate time to check bristle wear. Each RADIUS brush includes a replacement head allowing you to replace just the part that wears out saving 80% of material of a new toothbrush. The replacement head is also about 1/5 the weight of a standard brush.

What a great way to be eco-friendly and spare our landfills! In addition to this great feature, RADIUS products are also eco-friendly with their lightweight packaging made from SmartCycle plastic, 50% recycled soda bottles and making the handle out of cellulose. RADIUS is lessening their impact on our environment. Even the RADIUS catalog is printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper with vegetable ink. These small things go a long way at our house.

RADIUS Toothbrushes are also friendly for the southpaw folk with the replaceable head that can be reversed for right or left-handed chomper brushing.  It’s a versatile toothbrush that accommodates every member of the family.
Li’l Man loves the RADIUS toothbrush so much that for the first time EVER, as we were packing for camping he said, “I’ll be right back. I have to get my toothbrush.”

Isn’t that what every parent wants to hear from their child?

RADIUS is a great toothbrush and at just $8 it’s giving an introduction to great oral hygiene and doing a great job at polishing up Li’l Man’s smile!

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