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Review: Oilo with Discount Code

Pillow Review
My home is important to me. It is a reflection of the inner “us”. It projects a warm and inviting environment not only for my family but for those who visit. One of my favorite accessories are pillows. I pile them on the beds, the couches, the chairs. I use them to add color or texture to my home decor. They are an easy way to add flair!
Recently I was sent a pillow to review from a company called Oilo.  A company that offers a variety of chic decor from pillows, lighting, furniture, and bedding.
When I received the Wheels Motif Oilo pillow for review it screamed quality. It is made of heavy 100 percent cotton. Its texture is similar to a canvas or denim.
My pillow has two denim blue circles. Being one who sews, I know it is no easy feat to center and line up a pattern. Oilo has mastered this. The circles are centered both horizontally and vertically…on both sides.
A matching blue denim piping compliments the pillow as it outlines its 13″x17″ border.
The Wheels Motif pillow offers a hidden zipper feature. The zipper is actually tucked beneath a flap that is so discreet against a seam that it took me several minutes to recognize that it even existed.
This pillow is stuffed with a Dacron fill which gives it fluff but is more firm. I love its plumpness and found it a great pillow to compliment a set of pillows or alone. When it is out, everyone who visits compliments the pillow and are impressed at how precise the design is.

This pillow represents superb quality and craftsmanship.

Oilo’s pillows retail for $39.99. I price checked pillow while running errands at Bed Bath and Beyond and the cost is comparable, however, the quality of the Oilo is far higher.

The Wheels Motiff extends beyond a pillow. It is also available as a crib set. I LOVE this set. It almost makes me wish we were welcoming Number 7! The colors are appealing and simple. The coordination of circles, stripes and solids is appealing to me.

Each crib set includes:

100% Woven Cotton Bumper and Bed Skirt
Foam Filled Bumper for Standing Durability
17 inch Drop Skirt
Zippered Slip Cover Bumper
Fitted Cotton Percale Crib Sheet
Machine Washable
Made in USA

While Oilo offers a larger selection than just this Wheels Motif, I am sticking with it to also share with you the diversity of the Oilo product.

The Morrison Home is not seeking crib bedding, but this modern lamp is awesome! Don’t you just love the style? It reminds me of a lamp we had when I was growing up, though I find this cobalt blue far more appealing than those hideous, loud orange and red florals from that decade of my youth. It’s also available in a solid cobalt blue.

The diversity extends into furniture. I’m in love with the pouf and glider. They are sleek! Made from soft faux leather with customizable piping colors. If I didn’t have a wild six-pack, I’d be all over this set!

Oilo products can be purchased, by visiting their website. They are offering all Mommy’s Memorandum Readers 15% off your purchase by using code: mm2010  at checkout. I love their  $5 flat rate shipping!
You can also use their store locator to find a store near you.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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