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Go Green Lunch Boxes

Go Green Lunch Boxes

From time to time, I can be found at the school eating lunch with my children. I love the interaction of the entire class and seeing my child in her element, surrounded by her friends, engaging in moments of joy. As the bell rings, we hover at the disposal station. It is here I am appalled. The sheer waste! Milk cartons and paper that lines the lunch baskets. Those who bring lunch from home discard Ziploc baggies, plastic utensils, paper bags, and more.

In fact, somewhere in my moments of Mothering and PTA Presidency I’ve learned a typical American child generates 67 pounds of lunch packaging waste each school year. Holy Landfill!

As you know the Morrison’s Resolution for 2010 ways to be more eco-friendly. My children LOVE making their own lunch (snacks) and having a picnic around the house. They require food while we are on the go. We’ve used Ziploc baggies (but let’s face it, they can only be washed and reused so many times before you gotta say, YUCK!). We’ve tried Tupperware and similar containers, but I get angry when my lids don’t come back! It’s been a dilemma.

Thanks to Go Green Lunch Boxes I’m a happy camper and we can do our part to keep our resolution.  Go Green Lunch Boxes are five compartment trays inside an insulated case. That’s a simple description of an amazing product. Allow me to explain:

We received the Go Green Lunch Boxes Hound’s Tooth for our review. Everyone at my house was impressed by how stylish it is.

It’s made of a non-toxic material that wipes clean easily. It is trimmed with a pale, sage green trim similar to what you might find on a backpack.

The Go Green Lunch Box measures approximately 13 inches wide and 8 inches long. It closes with a zipper that has dual pullers for easy access and closure.

In the bottom corner is the Go Green Lunch Box logo in a heavy rubber type plastic.

The bag has a heavy-duty handle that incorporates the pale sage green fabric strap and the stylish wipe clean houndstooth fabric.

Attached to the handle is a dog tag. My children thought this was awesome! It is made from the same rubber-type material as the logo found in the bottom corner. In fact, one side IS the Go Green Lunch Box Logo, while the other side allows you to write the user’s NAME and ROOM number.

This tag is fastened to the handle with the traditional dog tag style chain.

After admiring the beauty of the outside, we unzipped it and explored the inside.

Tucked inside the stylish case, is an equally styling five compartment tray. The tray is made with BPA-free plastic.  I love the kelly green color. It’s refreshing and fun.

On the inside lid of the case is a netted pouch that secure with quality hook and loop. Above the pouch is what my children think is the fantastic awesomest thing! A dry-erase board! The writing surface measures 5.5 inches long and 3 inches tall. Perfect for praise, mushy love notes, or a reminder. Note: There is no dry erase pen included.

Go Green Lunch Boxes utilize a turn and lock technology. This small mechanism ensures food stays fresh within its compartment with the simple turn.
The tray easily lifts out of the case. It features the fold and lock feature that I so love about containers. The flaps fold beyond the meeting seam and then lock into place.
The tray hosts five compartments and a silicone seal. This means its safe to put your food right in those compartments. Yogurt, fruit, applesauce. Really the options are endless. The silicone seals ensure your food stays fresh and doesn’t mix and mingle with each other.
  As mom’s we have all experienced the frustration of NOT getting all the pieces to the container back. My children AND husband are notorious for losing the lid. No worries with the Go Green Lunch Box, the lids come equipped with a retention clip. I love this feature. The lid stays with the tray. It can also be unfastened easily for cleaning. Then put back together with just a click.


Go Green Lunch Boxes also include stainless steel thermos. It holds 9 ounces of liquid. It has a green screw-on lid with a soft and flexible cap. It also yields a spout for easy access.

 The thermos bears the Go Green Lunch Box logo.
By packing fresh foods instead of packaged food you establish a healthier lifestyle, you save the landfill from waste, and it’s gentle on your budget! Go Green Lunch Boxes are $29.99 each and  pay for themselves in just a month of use.


Go Green Lunch Boxes also offer a school fundraising program where $5 of each lunch box sold goes back into the school or the PTA.

My children really are crazy about the Go Green Lunch Boxes. This morning I woke up to find my six year old had packed her own lunch. It was her way of staking claim to this great bag!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.
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