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Review: Insect Shield

Insect Shield

One of the downfalls of the great outdoors is that we share it with buzzing, pesky and blood-sucking insects. I’m not about that. At. All.

I want to SEE the scenery with a clear view, not obstructed by my flailing arms trying to keep those pests away! Insect Shield has given me my view of the great outdoors and made my movements far less entertaining to those watching my sweat fest.

Insect Shield is mosquito protection for the entire family. It’s more than an insect repellent however as it repels a variety of insects like ticks, no-see-ums, and sand fleas! Insect Shield garments repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges or no-see-ums. Insect Shield Gear repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas

Know what I really love about Insect Shield? It’s not messy. It’s invisible. It’s odorless, and it works! Only the bugs know it’s there.

Unlike traditional topical repellents, Insect Shield products cannot be misused or over-applied. Insect Shield technology is EPA-registered., can be worn or used by infants, children of all ages, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Since it’s tightly bound to fabric Insect Shield it is preferable to traditional insect repellents, which can wash off in the shower or stream, or sprays that might risk contaminating the atmosphere.


That’s seriously cool stuff.


Memorial Day weekend we went to the West Desert and camped at Topaz Mountain. It was an incredible adventure, but back at camp hubby was devoured by sand fleas. He was miserable and insisted upon sharing his misfortune. As the sun set, he went to get a warmer shirt, and the sand fleas ended their feast. Hubby’s secret protection, Insect Shield–what a great shirt! It brought joy back to camp–except for the kvetching about how badly he itched!

Last week the boys went camping. I sent along with an Insect Sheild bandana for Li’l Man. He called me before bed with great enthusiasm, “The bugs aren’t eating me! It works, Mom!”

bandana girl


This weekend we put Insect Shield to the test again. On our hike to Bell’s Canyon, Hubby wore an Insect Shield Hat, while the kiddos and I were stylish in our matching red Insect Shield bandanas! We headed up the canyon, and since the canyon was a CSI Crime Scene, we ended up off the trail back in some oak shrub by the river.

We ducked down the bank onto some granite boulders and ate. The area had stagnant water, was dense, shady, and much cooler. It was the perfect conditions for mosquitoes. As we climbed down into the area, we could see swarms of mosquitoes.

They vacated as we checked in. We didn’t have to swat once, and no one was lunch for the blood-suckers. It was just a peaceful, beautiful time!

Throughout our hike, we continually drenched the bandana with water to keep the kiddos cool. This didn’t impact the effectiveness of Insect Shield at all! Even before leaving the lunch site, we dipped the bandanas into the cold river, rang them out, and put them back on the kiddos. Not a bug came near them.

The only down fall we had was when one of the bandanas missed being washed, and as we added water, it bled.

Insect Sheild garments are completely washable and effective for up to seventy washings.

Insect Shield comes in a variety of garments from bandanas to socks and everything in between:


Insect Shield Outdoor/Adventure Travel Apparel available through retailers like LL Bean, Orvis, ExOfficio, White Sierra, REI, Haeleum, Outdoor Research, RailRiders, Tilley, BUFF, Gander Mountain, EMS and more…

Insect Shield Hiking Gaiters – Adults/Kid’s (Outdoor Research)
Insect Shield Camo Hunting Apparel (GameHide – ElimiTick Collection, Cabela’s, Orvis)

Insect Shield Gardening Hats & Accessories (Sloggers)

Insect Shield infant/toddler apparel (Buggies Clothing)

Kids outdoor summer apparel and accessories (Gander Mountain/White Sierra/Outdoor Research)

Insect Shield protective workwear (Ergodyne)

For Pets
Insect Shield Dog Bandanas (Orvis/Bandana Warehouse)
Horse fly sheets (Horseware Ireland)

Global Health
Insect Shield Kangas, mosquito nets and protective apparel for field workers (Insect Shield)

This state of the art insect repellent isn’t just for apparel.
Insect Shield Bug Repellent Hammock (Eagles Nest Outfitters)
Insect Shield Bug Hut Tent (REI)
Insect Shield Camping/Deck Chairs (TravelChair)
Insect Shield Bunk Sack (Cocoon)
Insect Shield Mosquito Nets (Sea to Summit/Mombasa)
Insect Shield Coolmax Adapter Cover (Sea to Summit)

Don’t let the bugs ruin your outdoor adventures. With Insect Shield you can protect yourself and your family from miserable bites, potential diseases like Lyme disease, Malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue Fever.

We enjoy the outdoors far more with the protection of Insect Shield. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy our time away from home and talk about something more than the bugs that are biting us!

Disclosure: I received Insect Shield Bandanas in order to facilitate the review. No other compensation was received. This post is based on my honest opinions and experiences, which were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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