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Heard on the Playground Book Review

Kids say the darndest things. We’ve seen Bill Cosby host a show that was about things kiddos say and now there’s a site called Heard on the Playground that captures these moments of with, hilarious fun and wise advice from our children.

The great thing about this site is that it’s not just about the children in one household. recently added free URL’s for Mommy Bloggers. It’s a great feature where Mommy Bloggers can share those gafaw-worth photos and hilarious things children say with a nation of reading viewers while gaining visibility for their blogs.

As the parent of many, I can relate to those enlightening and embarrassing moments my children have provided all too often. I love Heard on the Playground where I can view the horror and hilarity other moms are experiencing.  Andrea Sherr, the creator, and CEO of Heard on the Playground created this site with the belief that everyone has an amusing kid story or funny pictures that should be shared!

Heard on the Playground is easy to navigate and a hoot to read. The site is updated daily by real Moms and grandmas, like us, sharing a moment at life with a child. At the top left you can narrow your search by topic, by Award Winners and there’s even a tab to keep track of Favorites.

Some of my favorites on the site are these:

My daughter told me a LONG STORY about something I KNEW ABOUT in school.

Toward the end, she said, “And DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?”
In the mood to tease her, I told her EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED NEXT
She stared at me and gasped, “Mommy, YOU MUST BE PSYCHO” (Psychic)



I also tested to see how easy it was to submit a kiddo quote and found the process so pain-free and easy that I submitted two:

Submission One:
MacKenzie 4 – Utah
On my 40th BIRTHDAY, I overheard my daughter say to her little brother: “Buddy, it’s not that ALBERTSON’S DOESN’T HAVE THAT MANY CANDLES; it’s that if we LIGHT THEM ALL AT ONCE, we’ll BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. That’s why we’re MAKING MOMMY CUPCAKES.

Submission Two:
Abi, 3 – Utah
We’d spent the day WALKING THE ZOO; as we were leaving, my daughter said, “I’m glad we’re going home; my SHOES ARE SLEEPY.

If you’re looking for a laugh or just to know that today’s embarrassment from your child has you in an elite class, head on over to Heard It On the Playground. It’s a great time!

About Heard on the Playground:

.Now I‘ve heard it all…it was this one simple sentence heard over and over again from shocked and disbelieving parents, teachers, friends, and relatives that created the momentum for Heard on the Playground (HontheP) launched in January of 2010.

The mission of the site is simple, take all those moments that we see kids doing something hysterical (which in some cases can seem like every few minutes) and put them on a site for all of us to enjoy. Why should such great entertainment be limited to only a few. Kids are probably one of the best sources of humor and fun, so why not share the wealth.
Life is short, so join in on the fun, make a few posts and get a few laughs. Just remember, you‘ve heard it all here…well for the moment because kids never stop being funny and adults just can‘t help but laugh

Sponsored: This is a paid post on behalf of Mama Buzz and Heard on the Playground. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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