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Real Moms Love To Eat #Review

When Zac was little he continually taunted me with, “Remember when you were the thin Mom?” I’m not going to lie. It broke my heart. Three children later, I have come to terms with this. Admitedly, I”ve eaten my way through their teenage years and with my younger kiddos we bake…a LOT and I am the designated “quality control” test taster. Unlike Jack Daniels, I don’t spit it out, I indulge; I enjoy; and I have the gut to prove it.

Beth Aldrich understands me. She has created Real Moms Love to Eat. I wasn’t even interviewed, nor did I serve as a statistic for this wonderful book.

Obviously, Aldrich recognizes that there is a population out there of more than just me (she probably doesn’t know I exist) and has created a website Real Moms Love to Eat that’s filled with fun and useful information.

Real Moms Love to Eat arrives January 3, 2012

Real Moms Love to Eat arrives January 3, 2012

Let’s face it. I’ve read enough self-help books, parenting books and other books to know that sometimes one size doesn’t fit all. This is what makes Aldrich unique, she writes as a real mom for real mothers. And she writes about creating a plan so we can eat what we want without the guilt! It’s simple and I love it!

Aldrich’s plan is how food should be…enjoyed and exciting. There’s no ONE eating style or a set guide of “x” amount of calories minus “x” amount of fiber, multiplied by “x” amount of carbohydrates, divided by the core sum of fat. It’s about the person eating me/you. We can experiment, let loose and create an eternal love affair with our food and maybe even find our image to be fabulous.

Real Moms Love to Eat will be your ONE source for tasty, fresh, whole food meals, creative recipes and food facts that will keep you looking fabulous and feeling energized and fulfilled.

The book is organized into three parts. Making it easy to understand. Each section includes a 10-part plan to implement and made a GRADUAL life-long change. There’s 211 days of meal suggestions all complimented by tips, lifestyle exercises and recipes.

Also, making Real Moms Love to Eat unique is the Food Affairiate Program. I enjoyed reading about it. It is essentially a review/party program for the upcoming book release where you can enter to win prizes.  If you are a blogger, I encourage you to check out this part of the program.

One of the things about this book that hit home was that aside from enjoying the taste of food, my relationship with food can now be far more intimate. Aldrich explains how food impacts the body. She understands the lifestyle of a busy mom and takes a new approach to losing weight without feeling like you’ve given up everything.

About the Author:
Beth Aldrich mom and a Certified Healthy Lifestyle-Green Living Expert from Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
*I have received a digital copy of Real Moms Love to Eat and will receive a hard copy when it is released, in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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