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Review: Batter Blaster

Batter Blaster

This is the post about how waiting pays off.

Months ago I was sent a coupon for Batter Blaster to facilitate a review. I tucked it in my purse and every week I went to the grocery store, I searched for this pancake batter in a can. Every week, I left the store empty handed, kicking the curb, wanting to try the Organic Batter Blaster I’ve read about in Good Housekeeping and seen on websites across the blogosphere.

Last week, while taking Grandma to Walmart to get her schedule, I happened to spy Batter Blaster on the shelf. Truth is, it was in a place I hadn’t looked before in the store–with the eggs. I know. Silly me. I was searching the refrigerators of milk and dairy. My coupon was in tote so I grabbed the can and this morning we had Organic Batter Blaster Pancakes!

You should know that pancakes are my passion. I love them. They are fluffy fusions of heaven!

I read the instructions, shook the can and turned it upside down and pressed the nozzle, releasing manna–or to some, pancake batter. I tried to take a picture of this, however, Mom Wonder could not operate the nozzle, the camera and keep a running wild child from the kitchen.

Batter Blaster truly has outdone itself with the ease of making pancakes. Squeeze. Release. Move to the next. It’s ingenious. I made Silver Dollar Sized Pancakes–it gives my kiddos bragging rights to say they ate “TEN Pancakes”. 

It took very little time for the batter to start to bubble and then I flipped them over. They were beauties in their golden hue.

Once I had a ginormous stack–the can says it makes fourteen, four-inch pancakes–I set out to make our pancake strawberry stacks.

They looked stunning but you could also drizzle them with maple syrup or spread them with homemade jelly.

Next test: Taste!

Batter Blaster pancakes are light and fluffy. They have a great flavor and are not at all rubbery like a lot of pre-made pancakes. They are moist and truly just melt away in your mouth.

My kiddos ate them up and wanted more.

I love the can and process. It’s fun and there is no mixing, measuring, or mess. It’s simple!

So now that I know to look for Batter Blaster in the refrigerated section with eggs, I’ve seen it in a few places. It ranges from $2.98 at our local Walmart Super Center to $4.98 at Associated Foods.


Batter Blaster is organic and made with ingredients I can pronounce. From the Batter Blaster website:

Batter Blaster is a product I will keep going back to because it is easy and tastes delicious! I think it might just be the perfect camping take-a-long and can’t wait to tuck a can in our camping cooler as we head out of town.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Filtered water
Organic wheat flour (unbleached)
Organic cane sugar
Organic whole egg solids
Organic soybean powder
Sodium lactate (lactic acid from beet sugar)
DiCalcium phosphate (leavening agent)
Sea salt
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
Organic rice bran extract
Allergens: contains wheat, eggs, soy
Perishable, keep refrigerated.
Do not store above 45 degrees Farenheit.
Batter Blaster is a USDA Certified Organic and Kosher product

Seriously! You’ve got to try this deliciousness! It was so worth the wait!

Disclosure: I received no monetary payment for this post. I was sent a coupon for Batter Blaster in order to faciliate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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