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Reach for Stain Solver and Make It Sparkle

Gosh, the holidays are here…starting with Thanksgiving. It’s a time to clean like Bon Jovi’s coming! Thankfully, we’ve discovered Stain Solver. It’s launching our cleaning into a whole new world, cleaning everything from laundry to the patio as we tuck away the yard.
Stain solver is non-toxic oxygen bleach, all-natural and kid, pet, and environmentally safe. We’re talking registered by the FDA as food-grade quality. That’s a pure product!
The diversity of Stain Solver is amazing. I started with laundry. It was an incredible boost in removing stains…even underarm yellow stains. Then I ventured out a little more. I used it on the kitchen floor, and it pulled up dirt that was so embedded I couldn’t budge even on my hands and knees and a scrubbing brush. It gave me confidence, and I spot treated a couple of traffic stains on the carpet…piece of cake.
I love that this product is safe around my children and their cat. That gives me peace of mind. What I love just as much is that it works. I’ve put it in the toilets to soak overnight and woke up to sparkling clean bowls. I’ve used it on the walls, in the garage, and on the BBQ grill. It fights the stain and yields results. It has removed grease from my husband’s work pants. It revived my dishwasher. Our screens look amazing.
It’s easy to use and does the work for you. Just add some water, treat the stain, stand back, and let it do its thing.
Truly one of the most versatile cleaning products I’ve ever used. I’ve used it on everything I can think of, and the results have exceeded my expectations.

So, this holiday season, when you’re cleaning in anticipation of that Jersey rocker, reach for Stain Solver and make it sparkle!

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