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The Art of Epic Mickey Book #Review

In every circle, there is a Disney fanatic. Some for the sheer magic of the Happiest Place on Earth and some for the fantastic artwork. Now captured in 160 pages, a book worthy of any coffee table, comes The Art of Epic Mickey.

Written by Epic Mickey co-writer Austin Grossman, with a foreword by Warren Spector, Game Director and New York Times contributor, this book is truly the journey through a beautiful world, better known as Cartoon Wasteland. It takes a glimpse of the creative process behind developing this vision. It spotlights sketches, final frames, stills from the actual game, and concept art. Born directly from Disneyland, this book highlights the artistic influence, iconic qualities, and rides and how it all impacted the creators of Epic Mickey.

Consider this book Disney gone wild. In a rare look of the Wii game, Epic Mickey, unlike any other Disney creation, the reader and avid gamer see a dark fantasy world with Mickey in the lead!

I love this book and its transformation of characters into strange characters. Lovable Goofy as a cyborg or the Seven Dwarfs as peculiar ships. It’s all right here, and it’s a unique, fun, and truly a glimpse at Disney Artwork as it has never been seen before.

There are forgotten worlds and artistic praise for the concepts in architecture. Think of it as Disney meets the Grimm Fairytales with their twisted and abstract storylines. In The Art of Epic Mickey, it all comes to life for a fun new twist on an American Classic.

I found the content about how the game was produced attractive. I loved the insight on how the ideas for characters, setting, and the story came to be and how they worked around the challenges faced of Mickey Mouse fitting into the game as a character. It’s all fascinating.

If you love Disney and fantasy, this book is perfect for Disney addiction, available on



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