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Tutorial: Laundry Tip Removing Grease Stains

Laundry Tip Removing Grease Stains Tutorial

Out Grease Spot! Out!

It’s a good thing I like to do laundry because we generate a lot of it at our house.

This morning was wash day and as I was checking the clothes for stains before washing, I came across a shirt worn by my husband.

He’s a pig–as this shirt reveals.

grease on tee shirt


Those “spots” are grease!

Gross, I know, but behind every clean shirt is this laundry-loving Wife.

I make his clothes lend the impression that he is CIVILIZED!

This is a laundry tutorial on how to get grease out of clothes.

It can be done.

First, you’ll have the best success if you catch it before you wash it and definitely before it finds its way through a dryer cycle.

This part is optional, but I find it helps me identify the “stain” later on.

Using a fabric pencil, trace around the stain.

I used white on the dark shirt.

It doesn’t have to be detailed, just an outline so you know where the grease spot is on the garment.

marking the grease stain


Place inside garment a pan or container of some sort.

grease stained tee shirt over baking pan


With the garment pulled over the container, pour rubbing alcohol over the stain.

You will want to pour the alcohol over each stain two times.

Use just enough alcohol to saturate the stained area.

pouring rubbing alcohol on grease stain


Allow the shirt to sit, with the alcohol on it while you boil water.

Once you have boiling water, pour it over the alcohol-saturated grease spot.

pouring hot water over greased stained shirt

From here, wash as usual.

When the wash cycle is complete, remember to check the garment to see that the stain is out.

I typically line dry the garmet to be sure.

If there is still grease, you’ll want to repeat the process before you put it in the dryer.

grease stained shirt after grease stains removed


Ta-Da! Grease spot is GONE!

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