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Best Pets According to Your Zodiac Sign

In the same way, we’re more compatible with some people due to their zodiac sign; as detailed by Numerology Sign, the stars also affect our tendency to enjoy the company of specific animals. Today we’re discovering the most appropriate pet-friend according to your astral sign; many of them are more exciting pets than a dog.

Best Pets According to Your Zodiac Sign



Due to Aries’s competitive and active nature, it’s better to consider a dog’s companionship. One of the bigger and most hardy breeds with a strong and independent personality like a Labrador or a Mastiff will respect Aries space without overwhelming them.


The smallest breeds of dogs

Taurus’ best option is a faithful creature to keep them company because it is so patient and easy-going. One that sits on your lap while you work or watch television. Of course, the most miniature breeds of dogs are the most appropriate: a Chihuahua or a Schnauzer will always be by your side.


Kind and loving Birds

For the natives of Gemini, the most important thing is communicating all the time, and pets are not the exception: they want to know what their pet feels. Kind and loving Birds can reproduce the human voice like parrots are an excellent choice.


Saint Bernard

As the most home-loving zodiac sign, it’s evident that Cancer wants to have a relationship with a pet, and that is a protector that guarantees their family safety. That’s why, without a doubt, your best choice is a faithful, loyal and obedient dog like a German shepherd, a Great Dane, or a Saint Bernard.



There is no need to ask; you know precisely which pet you need: A cat. An independent and daring cat just like you, one convinced that it owns you and the space you both lived. One as smart as you that can manipulate you with a couple of feline seduction strategies.


best pet for your zodiac

Which are the best pets for Virgo? Any animal of any age but with a particular origin must come from a shelter. Virgos are often very egotistic people and afraid of commitment. They need to learn to connect with others, to care about others, and pets are an excellent way to acquire experience in this field.


best pet for your zodiac

For the natives of Libra, harmony and peace of mind are the most valuable things in the world; they need to keep their lives under control at all times, including their pets. For this reason, they’d prefer animals such as fish, turtles, or rabbits, pets they could take care of, spoil and pamper, but that won’t destroy their record collection or chew their favorite shoes.


best pet for your zodiac

Scorpio is intense and mysterious… And would love to find these same characteristics in their pet personality. No animal responds better to these requirements like a pet Ferret. Like, Scorpio, ferrets are unpredictable. The Ferrets personality and wit develop daily. Both Scorpio and its pet will be rambling, reckless, and competitive, loving to play hide and seek together.


best sign for the zodiac

You need a partner willing to go with you on your travels and adventures to the unknown. That’s why the best pet for them is a Golden Retriever. No matter where you want to go (mountain, sea, cavern), a Golden Retriever will always go with you with a smile on its face and a wiggly tail.


best pet for your zodiac

What distinguishes Capricorn natives is their passion for luxury and distinction, coupled with a great vocation of service and incredible generosity; for all these virtues, they like to provide new opportunities to those animals in need. A rescued Pitbull or a mixed breed is ideal for giving them that second opportunity this misinterpreted breed has had in the past.


best pet for your zodiac sign

What will guide Aquarius when choosing a pet is their love for adventure and novelty. They won’t settle for any pet, so they tend to select animals from exotic or extravagant origins: a Mexican Xoloitzcuintli, a Sphynx Cat, a finger monkey, or even a Cacatua can win an Aquarius heart. Aquarius needs to understand that such extraordinary animals can be challenging to take care of. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?


the best pet for your zodiac sign

For the most intuitive and mystical sign, your perfect pet choice will be easy-peasy: A black cat or a small owl will give you and your home that mysterious vibe you always expect to be present in your life. Pisces, we also want to provide you with a second recommendation: you need to control your compassion and empathy, you can’t and shouldn’t take every abandoned animal to your home, in the long run, you’ll get exhausted and unable to give them all the love they need. Working in an animal shelter could be a great way to drain this empathic urge you have to help others.

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