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Finger Monkeys As Pets: Are They For You?

When it comes to pets, we all have our preferences. It is not about being discriminatory about your choices, but there are many aspects that you need to think about before deciding on one. Choosing a companion is not something you can make a careless decision as it involves another life. It would help if you were prepared to be a parent for another species as you can reach out to the Humane Society. Educating yourselves with their needs is crucial, especially those that may not be as obvious to us.

One of the more popular options these days is more exotic pets. Of course, dogs, cats, birds, and fish are still the norm for most people. Most seem to be aware of the possible dangers of getting a more risque type of pet. You need to take care of these animals more than the standard domesticated options as they can never live appropriately in our homes. However, some of them can undoubtedly adjust, and they know how to adapt to the environment.

Pygmy (finger) monkey in a human hand, Amazon rainforest.

A Primate Option

Finger monkeys are becoming a more popular option for many pet lovers around the world.

As the name suggests, it is a primate that is just the size of your finger.

Of course, it can vary with their weights and measures, but most of them can fit in your pocket and then some.

Their official scientific name is Pygmy marmoset, and they have been around for ages.

However, they became so much more prevalent during this pandemic.

You see, people have been going on and on about the need to have companionship during this pandemic.

Aside from the loneliness of quarantine, most of us are cooped up in tiny squares all alone.

For this reason, having a pet seems to be the most logical way to solve this concern.

However, the question “are finger monkeys good pets?” seem to pop up every time the animal is mentioned.

Sure, they look cool and cute, but are they the right pet for you?

A small monkey hand holding a human finger. Animal welfare and protection

Tips On Fostering A Finger Monkey

 The Legality of Ownership

When it comes to having a finger monkey, the first step is knowing if your state supports this kind of animal.

Most of the US states prohibit having primates as pets in general, so make sure that you know the law before having a primate of your own.

It is also essential to check and see if these finger monkeys are not banned, as some places have bans related to them.

It can be quite problematic if the authorities know about your ownership of the said animal, and you could face fines or jail time.

Wild and Aggressive Tendencies

Finger monkeys or marmosets might look cute, but they are still not domesticated.

These animals are wild at heart, and “taming” them would be near impossible without having a lot of time.

Also, males are the ones that are more aggressive species and were documented to bite humans.

It might not be dangerous, but the bite can still hurt and cause infection.

Susceptibility to Human Diseases

As marmosets are primates, we share a lot of characteristics with them.

However, this also includes their weakness to human-borne disease.

They can catch something as simple as cold to more life-threatening diseases like HIV and chickenpox.

This means a lot more visits to the vet, and it can get quite expensive if you go there often.

Take Them in Pairs

Finger monkeys are social; thus, they need someone to be with them at all times.

They can be prone to depression or aggressiveness if they are kept alone for a long time.

This is why it is vital to have them in pairs, male and female.

However, this would also mean that you would have more mouths to feed.

The enjoyment of having them outweighs any cost, says

There are still a lot of questions involving the legality of keeping them as pets. Most experts agree that we should not try to force them into our busy lives for selfish benefits. If you genuinely want to keep them as pets, though, you need to take them young so that they can quickly acclimatize to the situation. Also, it is essential to give them the proper diet and the right container to keep them. As they are smaller animals, make sure that others cannot get into their area quickly.


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