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Online Tutoring During COVID-19

COVID-19 is causing havoc worldwide and has been declared a pandemic by WHO. It has brought the entire world to a halt. In these uncertain times, where everybody follows social distancing, online tutoring has become the only hope for students. Schools have been closed worldwide for safeguarding children and restricting the spread of COVID. Due to these reasons, there has been a sharp rise in online tutoring. All the major e-learning portals are seeing a boost due to the surge in demand for online education across the globe.

girl with glasses holding yellow book in session of online tutoring during covid-19

How has online education helped students

Technology innovation has come to the rescue of students when the entire world is shutting down. Online learning portals like Etutorworld, Coursera, edX and many others have stepped up in providing tutoring services to students. Some factors that have made these e-learning portals successful are:

Accessibility –

Online classes can be taken from any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection and a smart device to watch videos or connect to video conferencing. You also have the flexibility to view the online lectures at any time of the day. Since the lessons are recorded and stored online, you can watch the videos an infinite number of times. So, even if you are a working professional, you won’t have to quit your job to upgrade your skills. You can learn while working and upskill yourself on the go.

Flexibility –

Since tutoring is done through video conferencing portals, session timings can be fixed based on students’ and tutors’ availability. You don’t have to attend classes in a classroom setting. All the sessions can be taken from the comfort of your home. Hence, the commute time is eliminated, and you get more time to focus on your studies. For working professionals, this flexibility helps them manage their work and personal commitments with a more significant effect. This level of comfort reduces your stress and improves your learning curve.

Education quality –

The teaching methodologies in courses on these websites are simple and keep you excited and stimulated to complete them. You get free assistance from course creators. There are discussion forums where you can interact with other participants worldwide. This student-to-student interaction enhances the online learning experience. In case you are taking one-on-one tutoring sessions, you get the tutor’s undivided attention. Plus, you get to choose the best tutor from across the world.

 Ample course options –

The course options are many. You can either take courses to improve your child’s grades or pick one related to their hobby. From arts to music to science, all such courses are offered from faculties of leading universities. Enrolling them in STEM courses helps in improving their SAT/ACT scores. By focusing on the hobby you want them to learn or master, you get some clarity about your child’s future. They feel motivated to learn, and their focus doesn’t get derailed either.

Skill upgrade –

The online classes don’t have to be limited to subjects from the school curriculum. You can learn relevant skills that can help improve your career prospects. Some working professionals may feel the need to upgrade their skills to improve their job prospects. You can also complete courses on current relevant skills and add those to your resume. A lot of career opportunities will open up for you. In short, there is a lot to learn for everyone in the online education world. 

The way forward

Many people are baffled that the online education industry has flourished during COVID and is generating large revenues today. There is no doubt that it has helped students access courses so that their learning process isn’t hindered. It brings in a lot of comfort and ease for students, which is important for better learning. Online education’s benefits are evident as there is a 50 percent increase in students taking online tutoring or courses. Online tutoring has become the new normal and has revolutionized the education industry.


These tough times are stressful for everyone. During this time, online education has become a support system for students. It has motivated them to keep learning and focusing on their personal and professional skill development. Getting your child enrolled in an online tutoring session is a smart choice to make.


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