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5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Scorpions

We are discussing five effective ways to get rid of scorpions so that you do not have to witness these creepy crawlers in your home.

Our battle with pests continues even in the 21st century, says Forbes, and we are mainly at the receiving end of this battle.

Sometimes, it can be a struggle to count the number of pests infiltrating your home because once a pest enters your territory, it breeds and multiplies at an exponential rate.

But, we cannot let them run rampant in our homes for many reasons, and we must always contact professional services like Responsible pest control to deal with them if the situation goes out of hand.

There are many creepy pests present on the face of this earth, but there is nothing creepier than the scorpions.

Not that they look fairly devious as if they have come directly out of a horror movie, but their tails house an incredibly toxic venom as well that can prove to be fatal for humans.

Here, we have discussed five effective ways to get rid of scorpions so that you do not have to witness these creepy crawlers in your home.

An Asian Forest Scorpion (Black Scorpion, Heterometrus longimanus) on the grounds of the Preah Khan Temple in the Angkor Wat complex.


5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Scorpions:

Eliminate their food sources:

Pests like scorpions find those houses incredibly inviting, which are lined with their favorite edibles.

Scorpions love to feast on the insects, and insects love to eat the edibles you leave behind on your kitchen slab or in your garbage bag.

Therefore, the key to repelling scorpions is to ensure that no edibles are lying around your house so that no insect feels compelled to infiltrate your home.

Understand that it is more of a preventative measure rather than a curative measure, and this method would not work if you already have one or more scorpions in your home, as they can survive without food for around six months.

Address all the hiding spots:

Scorpions may have entered your home, but they will not stay for long if they can neither find food nor a decent hiding place.

Scorpions love to dwell in dark hiding places like tall grass, piles of leaves, stacked logs, dark basements, and swimming pools.

Now you cannot eliminate all of these potential habitats like swimming pools or basements, but you can surely get rid of the piles of stuff lying around your house.

Moreover, knowing about these potential hiding places will prove to be fairly handy if you start hunting for scorpions in your house.

Use natural repellants:

Do not resort to synthetic chemicals and pesticides instantly because they can prove to be toxic for you and your family.

Instead, utilize some natural repellants like cedar and lavender essential oils, which can be effective scorpion repellents.

Plant lavender around your house in a tight circle, and it will serve as the barrier between the scorpions and your home such that these creepy crawlers will never be able to enter your home.

Hunt for scorpions at night:

We have so far discussed the preventative measures to keep scorpions at bay, but if your home is already infested with scorpions, the methods mentioned above will not work.

Instead, you will have to get more active and hunt for scorpions at night because they move around in pitch dark.

Get yourself an ultraviolet torchlight because scorpions have fluorescent bodies and shine in UV rays.

Wear safety shoes and keep a stabbing knife with you so that when you spot a crawler, you can stab it in the center of its skeleton for immediate death.

Use a trap:

If you do not have the heart to stab a scorpion, you can use common mouse traps, as they can prove to be quite effective in exterminating large scorpions.

If this method bothers your conscience as well, you can simply use a live trap, or you can also utilize the glass jar trap.

The latter works by flipping a glass jar with a wide mouth on the scorpion, and once the crawler is well captured within the jar, slide a plastic sheet beneath the mouth and then flip the jar.

As a result, the scorpion will be captured in the glass jar, and you can release it into the wild to keep your conscience clear.

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