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5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Scorpions

How to Keep Scorpions at Bay: 5 Effective Methods

Scorpions, the stuff of nightmares, can be a real menace when they infiltrate your home. In this guide, we’ll explore five highly effective methods to rid your space of these creepy crawlers.


Forbes reports that our battle against pests rages on even in the 21st century, and we often find ourselves on the receiving end. Pests multiply at an alarming rate, making it essential to tackle the issue promptly. Scorpions, with their menacing appearance and venomous tails, are particularly unsettling. To help you reclaim your home, we present five effective strategies for scorpion control.

An Asian Forest Scorpion (Black Scorpion, Heterometrus longimanus) on the grounds of the Preah Khan Temple in the Angkor Wat complex.

1. Eliminate Their Food Sources

Scorpions are drawn to homes with abundant insect populations, their favorite meal. By eliminating the scorpions’ food source, you create an inhospitable environment. This is primarily a preventive measure, as scorpions can survive without food for about six months.

Ensure that no leftover edibles grace your kitchen counters or lie hidden in garbage bags. Store food in airtight containers and fix any leaks that might attract insects. A clean home is your first line of defense against scorpions.

Expert Tips

Regularly inspect and clean your home, paying attention to common hiding places for scorpions. Eliminating their food source discourages them from settling in your home.

This method is an ongoing practice rather than a one-time solution. Maintain a clean environment to deter scorpions from entering your home.


Q: How long can scorpions survive without food? A: Scorpions can endure for up to six months without sustenance, so eliminating their food source is essential.

2. Address All Hiding Spots

Scorpions seek shelter in dark hiding places like tall grass, leaf piles, stacked logs, basements, and swimming pools. While you can’t eliminate all of these potential habitats, you can clear clutter and eliminate piles of debris around your home.

Expert Tips

Familiarize yourself with scorpions’ preferred hiding spots to effectively hunt for them. A tidy home reduces their options for shelter.

Regular maintenance is key to preventing scorpions from finding refuge in your home. Keep potential hiding spots well-maintained.

3. Use Natural Repellants

Avoid using synthetic chemicals and pesticides, which can be harmful. Instead, opt for natural repellants like cedar and lavender essential oils, known for their effectiveness in deterring scorpions.

Expert Tips

Plant lavender around your home in a barrier-like fashion to create a scorpion-proof shield. These natural scents serve as powerful deterrents.

Reapply the essential oils as needed, especially after heavy rain, to maintain their scorpion-repelling effectiveness.


Q: Are there any alternative natural repellants for scorpions? A: While cedar and lavender are effective, you can also explore citrus oils like lemon or orange as additional natural scorpion deterrents.

4. Hunt for Scorpions at Night

When your home is already infested, preventive measures won’t suffice. Take a proactive approach by hunting for scorpions at night when they are most active. Equip yourself with an ultraviolet torchlight to detect their fluorescent bodies.

Expert Tips

Wear safety shoes and carry a stabbing knife for a swift, humane kill when you spot a scorpion. Aim for the center of its exoskeleton for immediate termination.

Regular nighttime inspections are essential to maintain a scorpion-free environment.

5. Use a Trap

For those who prefer not to kill scorpions, consider using mouse traps, which can be effective in capturing large scorpions. Alternatively, opt for a live trap or a glass jar trap.

Expert Tips

The glass jar trap entails flipping a wide-mouthed glass jar over the scorpion, sliding a plastic sheet beneath, and then flipping the jar upright. This humane method captures the scorpion for a safe release into the wild.

Regularly check and reset traps as needed to maintain a scorpion-free home.


Q: How can I safely release a captured scorpion from a glass jar trap? A: To release the scorpion, simply take the glass jar outdoors, carefully lift the jar, and let the scorpion escape into a safe area.

Known Alternate Names for the Recipe

  • Scorpion Control
  • Scorpion Eradication
  • Keeping Scorpions Away from Home


Scorpions may be creepy, but with these five effective methods, you can reclaim your home from these unwanted guests. Take proactive steps to deter scorpions, and if necessary, use humane methods to ensure your living space remains scorpion-free. Say goodbye to scorpions and enjoy a pest-free home!

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