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The Not-So-Absurd Guide to Using Coconut Oil for Pets

If your pet is the cutest, most adorable, four-legged creature on this planet, then this The Not-So-Absurd Guide to Using Coconut Oil for Pets is for you – ignore it if you think your pet is pretty ugly. Nah, I was just kidding.

Who knew that in this harsh and cruel world, heaven-sent angels continue to spread love and happiness every day?

That’s how millions of pet owners feel when they see their furry little friends getting all worked up when they get home.

The feeling of having a darling creature patiently waiting for your return home from school or work can be pretty rewarding; it can instantly lift your stress away.

The Not-So-Absurd Guide to Using Coconut Oil for Pets

My Pets

In my case, I have a prima donna cat named “Molly.”

She may be a mean chic, but she’s one dear friend to me.

I talk to her about relationships, ask her what I should wear on dates, and take her out to tea.

You must be thinking I’m crazy talking to an animal like that, but I know that people out there who cherish the same kind of pet in their lives will understand.

There is more to them than just being animals; they’re loyal, lifelong friends.

They will always love you even when the whole world doesn’t.

And I think that’s precious.

Something this precious only deserves the utmost care and love.

I know all of you have your own little “Molly” and “Bruno” in your life – pets you love and cherish like family.

For pets like this, ordinary care is out of the question.

What they deserve is the most genuine, tender, and compassionate care the world has seen.

Learn the importance of genuine care in a pet’s life here:

If you want to treat your pet to something extra special, then I’ll let you in on a little trade secret – a secret that will make you go loco over coco.

That’s right! The answer to your pet care prayers has been within your reach all this time; it’s coconut oil!

What Is Coconut Oil?

Many types of oil are extracted from different species of plants.

We have palm, canola, olive, sesame, and many other types of oil.

Judging solely by the name, you can pretty much guess where they come from.

Coconut dubbed the “tree of life,” can also be used to extract oil.

The product of which we call Coconut Oil.

There is no word to describe how valuable the coconut tree is.

Every part of the tree, from the leaves to the trunk and down to the roots, into something useful.

There are more ways than one to use coconut oil.

It can be used for cooking, skincare, and hair treatments.

It has been found to be effective in pet grooming as well.

How Can Coconut Oil Be Used To Care For Your Pet?

As for my little Molly, I infuse her diet with coconut oil.

Why do I do this, you ask?

Let me present these crazy coco benefits to you, and you’ll understand why.

The Not-So-Absurd Guide to Using Coconut Oil for Pets


It Aids Digestion    

I believe that this is the most important benefit of including coconut oil in your pet’s meals – especially when they have a very sensitive stomach. When your pets’ meals are heavy in protein (in other words, meat), they are likely to suffer from indigestion. By infusing coconut oil into their meals, you can improve their digestive system.

Coconut oil has a high concentration of MCFAs or Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, easy to break down. Unlike the fats found in meat, MCFAs do not put the digestive tract under a lot of stress. They also get converted to energy real fast – giving your lovely pets more reasons to jump around restlessly.

It Makes Your Pet’s Coat Look Shiny & Fluffy

Coconut oil has long been said to help humans achieve healthier hair. Who knew it would work on animals too? Coconut oil gives pets’ fur a more even and shinier coat. This makes them look extra fine and huggable – so much so that you’ll never want to miss a night cuddling them in bed.

Plus another good thing about coconut oil is its price. It’s very affordable, and you can practically buy them everywhere. Just a smidge of coconut oil will do wonders for your pet. Always keep them some at home.

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