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Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles allow anyone to label anything. Kiddos heading to camp, baby socks and baby gear and at our house anything within reach of Li’l Man.
For a month now we have put Name Bubbles to the Li’l Man test. I’m impressed by how incredible they have proven to be…holding up to repeated cycles in the washing machine on his favorite sweatshirt, through the dishwasher so he can identify HIS cup and more!
Name Bubbles are made with eco-friendly ink and vinyl infused.  There is a great selection of adorable designs and colors that have kid appeal.Label it! From teeny socks and adorable onesies to pacifiers, bottles, favorite blankets, and more, moms know that keeping tabs on their child’s items can be tough. Name Bubbles makes it easy to label anything and everything with ease, and they are strong enough to withstand repeated cycles in the washing machine or dishwasher. Made with eco-friendly ink and vinyl-infused, Name Bubbles are available in an adorable selection of patterns and colors.
Li’l Man selected the brown color scheme. It was his favorite color that week. When the Name Bubbles arrived, even I was impressed by the assortment of sizes and shapes the package contains.
Li’l Man set out to “mark” his stuff.
He started with his bike. He has learned to ride it without training wheels and it tends to be left wherever when he is done.
This is when I discovered the power of Name Bubbles. Our weather has been wonky and Li’l Man labeled his bike outside, while it was raining. My husband told him, “It’s not going to stick!”…Well, three weeks later, with the bike being exposed to the initial rain, more rain, snow, and sunshine, Name Bubbles is still stickin’! My husband cannot believe it!
Li’l Man is also a video game junkie! He tends to take his games to the neighbor’s house and if I’m not on top of my game, they don’t come back the same day…or even the same week. Since Name Bubbles, they’re coming back a lot sooner…even if it’s not Li’l Man’s doing. I love this!
While he can’t read, just yet, it doesn’t stop him from hauling books out into the yard to “read” while on the blanket, in the fort, on the swing. It also doesn’t stop him from leaving them in the living room and then when asked to pick up his stuff, saying, “it’s not mine!” Thanks to Name Bubbles, there’s proof it’s his book. No more drama.
And then there’s the shoes. Li’l Man is my dirt boy. He’s the reason we don’t have seven children. Here is the Name Bubble in his shoe after 18 days. It’s still there. It’s still legible. It’s amazing. I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but Li’l Man is a Ninja at avoiding the whole sock thing. It’s disgusting! Name Bubbles has held up to the dirt, sweat and stink of his feet!

Name Bubbles personalized waterproof press-and-stick labels for kids and adults are the perfect choice for labeling all your family’s belongings.  They are durable and stay firmly affixed even through the toughest kiddo!

About Name Bubbles
Name Bubbles are fun and functional waterproof press-and-stick name labels designed to help busy families keep track of toys, clothing, hand-held electronics, baby bottles, school uniforms, sports equipment, and much more. Name Bubbles waterproof labels are safe for the dishwasher, laundry, and microwave. Custom label packs are available for camp labels, school labels, and daycare labels. They can all be personalized and purchased right on the Name Bubbles web site.

 I received Name Bubbles in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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