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Longnecks Bar and Restaurant Partners with David Smith and Kick Stand Collection

The owners of Longnecks Bar and Restaurant are celebrating their third anniversary on the Marshall Bypass. Longnecks Bar and Restaurant is partnering with David Smith from “Kick Stand Collection” in an effort to promote motorcycle safety awareness. In celebrating the U.S. Postal Service will offer a special commemorative cancellation featuring the restaurant’s logo of a giraffe on a motorcycle beginning on May 18, 2011.

Longnecks Bar and Restaurant Partners with David Smith and Kick Stand Collection

Longnecks Bar and Restaurant is located at 5145 US 25/70 Bypass, Marshall,  NC  28753.  Open Wednesday thru Sunday 3 pm and the Bar is open at 3pm on weekdays and at 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

David Smith has been producing the “Kick Stand Collection”, a collection of motorcycle postmarks used by the US Postal Service since 1991.
Those attending Longnecks on Thursday, May 18 will able to get the unique postmark at the special temporary Post Office station on any postcard or envelope with uncancelled first-class postage, beginning at 3 pm in person.

Anyone who cannot attend, but would like to obtain the cancellation, may submit a mail order request. Requests must be postmarked no later than 30-days following the requested pictorial postmark date. All requests must include a stamped envelope or postcard bearing at least the minimum first-class mail postage. Items submitted for cancellation may not include postage issued after the date of the requested postmark.

Those wishing to obtain the cancellation should affix stamps to any envelope or postcard, address the envelope or postcard to themselves or others, insert a card of postcard thickness in envelopes for sturdiness and tuck in the flap. Place the envelope or postcard in a larger envelope and address it to:
Longnecks Pictorial Cancellation
100 South Main Street
Marshall, NC 28753.

As a community service, the Postal Service offers pictorial postmark cancellations to commemorate local events celebrated in communities throughout the nation.

ABOUT Longnecks Bar and Restaurant:
Longnecks Bar and Restaurant, owned by Hank and Terry Ausband, is committed to providing only the finest food.   Marshall’s first tavern since 1948, Longnecks specializes in a menu that will tantalize taste buds and have guests leaving satisfied. With always the highest standards for customer service and cleanliness, Longnecks offers a setting for individuals, families and private parties. For more information on Longnecks Bar and Restaurant, please visit their website at


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