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Monster Math! Tangram Problem Solving Activity

Monster Math Tangram Problem Solving Activity

Math is a given in our daily lives. Granted, many of us don’t realize we are using math to perform simple tasks, but it surrounds us.

Children love to explore and create and Monster Math gives them the opportunity to be creative, explore the world around them, and learn lifelong skills.

Monster Math is a kit that you create, customize, and add items to as your child develops mathematical skills.

We will provide activities and instruction to add to your Monster Math box for hours of fun and learning.

Start with this template to make your own tangrams

It includes a tangram bird pattern.

We keep ours in a shoebox.

Let’s get started!

Color tangram puzzle in square shape on white background with beans for tangram problem solving activity

Monster Math Materials:





Instruction for Tangram Activity

1.) Count how many days until the next holiday.

Can you count by twos’s?

2.) Using the TANGRAM, try to make the square using all 7 pieces.

Mess it up….can you do it again?

3.) Using the TANGRAM, try making a triangle with just 2 pieces.

See if you can make a triangle with 3,4, or 5 pieces.

Is there more than one solution?

Draw pictures of your solutions.

4.) Using the TANGRAM, try making a rectangle using 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 pieces.

5.) Make some different objects using all the TANGRAM pieces.

Trace and color your favorite one onto paper.

6.) Make a paper chain.

Use different colors in a repeating pattern.

7.) Draw a pattern on paper.

Copy it with TOOTHPICKS onto the table.

8.) Using TOOTHPICKS and a CALCULATOR, press a number and then lay the toothpicks on the table to look like the calculator numbers that are on display.

9.) Number Guess:

One child chooses a number between 1 and 20 and writes it down so only he/she can see.

The family member begins guessing the number.

The first child says smaller, larger until the number is chosen.

10.) Get a small handful of BEANS and count them.

Match them up by 2’s to see if the number is odd or even.

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