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Monster Math Pattern Blocks and Activities

Pattern Blocks are a great introduction to geometry and patterns. There are endless possibilities as to what you can do with a set of Pattern Blocks.

printable pattern blocks and activities

What do Pattern Blocks Teach?

Pattern blocks are helpful in teaching shapes, color, counting, number, and measurements. 

What is the Difference Between Pattern Blocks and Tangrams:

If you’re following our Monster Math Series, you may have already been introduced to Tangrams.

Monster Math is a kit that you create, customize, and add items to as your child develops mathematical skills.

We will provide activities and instruction to add to your Monster Math box for hours of fun and learning.

Tangrams are geometric puzzles that include:

2 large Triangles

1 Medium triangle

2 small triangles

1 square 

1 Parallelogram

Pattern blocks come in five shapes, three colors and you can vary thicknesses and size.

Both Tangrams and Pattern Blocks are used for teaching math, science, logic, and critical thinking skills.

Printable Pattern Blocks and Activities

1. Make a pattern and have your child complete the pattern:

hexagon, triangle, trapezoid, hexagon, _______, trapezoid….

Or you can have them determine what sorting rule you used, color, the same number of sides, objects you can stack, etc.

2. Find things in the room that are the same shapes as the Pattern Blocks.

3. Use the Pattern Block Mats to create colorful shapes (search Google for “Pattern Block Mats” and print!)

4. Trace the shapes and make your own designs

5. Talk about the attributes of each shape.

6. Trace the shapes and use them to make a necklace with a string or a mobile.

Here is a template to make your own Pattern Blocks:

We recommend making at least three different colors of each shape.

Printable pattern blocks t template

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