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Tips for Managing Work and Motherhood Simultaneously

Motherhood never comes easy; it is full of numerous challenges. Juggling work alongside motherhood is as tiring as running a 15 km marathon every day, say the experts at Often, mothers can have a breakdown because they cannot handle everything correctly. However, with motherhood, you must learn to be forgiving towards yourself. On the other hand, your health should be your priority as, without energy, you would not be able to juggle. Apart from that, practical support from your partner or spouse also acts as a big blessing. Let’s look at tips on how to juggle between work and motherhood.

Beautiful business mom is using a laptop and smiling while spending time with her cute baby boy at home

How does tackle work and take care of a baby together?

1. Prioritize

We all have a million things to do in a day, and it is humanly impossible to do everything in 24-hours. If it is getting hard for you to manage everything yourself, you can start by prioritizing. Well, you may think it is better said than done, right? You can physically write down the list of essential things to you. Start with the items you seriously need to get done and something you will do if you have time. As soon as the day starts, try to tackle the essential tasks. You will feel much more at ease this way and accomplished also.

2. Forgive yourself

New mothers, especially those who work, beat themselves a lot if they do not get a specific task right. It is essential to understand that we humans are not perfect. Before you are a mother, you are a human, and you will make mistakes. Learn to take everything with a pinch of salt and let things go.

3. Daycare center

There is a lot of taboo around daycare centers and how your child will not have the proper upbringing. However, you are making your child develop their personality by making them interact at a young age. Before you choose a daycare center, make an effort to check the background and gain all the knowledge necessary. After the long day at work, try to pick up your child yourself and ask them about their day. It is essential to show affection and emotional attachment to make your child feel special.


Motherhood is indeed challenging, but it is the most giving thing. It is crucial to find the right balance and maintain the right attitude towards your challenges.

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