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 Pretend Toys to Spark Your Child’s Development

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 Pretend Toys to Spark Your Child’s Development

Playing with pretend toys is not only fun for kids, but it can also be a means for their growth and development.

Here are good choices of pretend toys: dolls and dollhouses, kids play kitchen, workshop playset, and a medical playset.

Play has always been an important part of a child’s development.

It is through it that their imaginations can be expressed vividly, and it can actually develop their senses, way of thinking, values, and how they can go about different roles they’ll be portraying in the future.

That is why most toys today are made in such a way that it enhances children’s development.

Very good examples of educational toys are the pretend toys which not only develop a child’s social growth and cognitive skills, but they also enhance his language skills as well.

Below are examples:

Dolls and dollhouses

For young girls, dolls are the most popular pretend toys, as well as the dollhouses that come with it.

At their age, they like to mimic what their mothers or older women do in taking care of babies.

Dolls and dollhouses are also excellent ways of teaching children on close family ties and taking care of members in the family or society.

Kids play kitchen

Young children love to participate in various activities.

They often would ask what you’re doing in the kitchen and much as possible tries it themselves.

Kids play kitchen are just the right toys for your children. It will teach them basic household chores and responsibilities like washing the dishes, and even develop their interest in cooking or baking.

Some of these play kitchens already come with a counter, a grill or burner, an oven, ice maker, a few cupboards, cabinets, towel racks, refrigerator, storage spaces, and a sink just like a real kitchen would look like.

Others also include some toy kitchen utensils like plates, cups, spoons and forks, knives, pans, and toy foods like fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Workshop playset

The best way to enhance your child’s motor skills and interest in arts is by exposing him to various handcrafting activities.

The workshop playset is just the perfect pretend toy to enhance their different abilities.

This set will develop their imagination to create new things and understand how things work.

Most workshop playset already includes a table, a bench, and some materials and safe tools for building.

Medical playset

For kids, pretending to be a doctor would be fun, especially when playing with friends or even with dolls.

This playset includes a doctor’s costume and a handbag where all medical accessories are placed like a toy stethoscope or thermometer.

This toy would teach kids about teamwork and leadership.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good toy in developing the minds and skills of your children.

You may not know their toys may be an initial step of what they will become in the future.

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