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How To Maintain A Healthy Body Despite Your Busy Mom Schedule

Most mothers are often used to putting their own needs and overall well-being at the bottom part of their priority list. They have many duties and responsibilities at hand that it’s easy for them to overlook their needs in favor of the family’s welfare. And so, most of you may not anymore have time to get enough sleep, eat right, or perform even a few exercises. However, like your family, you also need to take care of yourself and look after your health.

Remember that a healthier mom equates to a happier and much better mom. When you’re in your best state, there’s no doubt you can function well for your family. You may be wondering how you can follow a healthy lifestyle despite having many errands.

For your guide, here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy body despite your busy mom schedule:

mom working from home helping toddler make drink.

Never Skip Breakfast

Some of you may be vigilant about ensuring your kids and partners eat a healthy breakfast before they go off to work or school. However, you tend to practice a double standard to yourself. Keep in mind that a cup of coffee will never be enough to equate to a nutritious breakfast. So, as much as possible, make it a habit to eat a well-balanced breakfast together with your family every morning.

Furthermore, to lessen your morning errands, it’s ideal if you have a weekly meal planner and pack it with 5 to 10-minute healthy breakfast recipes for you and your family. This way, you won’t have to spend a few extra minutes in the morning thinking of what to prepare, and eventually cut short your meal preparation time.

Schedule Your Self-Care

Amidst your busy mom schedule, it’s essential to set aside time for yourself. Scheduling a ‘me’ time is beneficial for everyone, especially for mothers like you. This will keep you relaxed, happy, and establish a self-care routine. Even half an hour can go a long way toward boosting your overall health and mood. 

During your self-care schedule, use this time to take a power nap, pamper yourself, attend an online yoga class, chitchat with friends, or have a short walk around your neighborhood. You don’t need to feel wrong or guilty for giving a ‘me’ time to yourself. Remember that the best way you can show your best for your family is when you’re at your best state of health. So, make your ‘me’ time a necessity and not a luxury. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

Sometimes, you get wrapped up with your duties that you’d barely feel thirsty or sense your body’s way of saying that you’re almost dehydrated. The more dehydrated your body is, the more it depletes your body’s energy and mood.

Dehydration is also known to cause dry skin, dizziness, headache, and sometimes, even fatigue. Overall, if you’re not drinking enough water in a day, it’d be impossible for you to finish your duties and keep up with your busy mom schedule.

To help you stay on track with your daily water intake, it’s recommended that you have your water tumbler and take it with you wherever you go. You can bring this with you whenever you’re cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the basement, doing the laundry, or fixing your family’s bedrooms. Make it a practice to bring your water tumbler on your side. This way, whenever you feel tired and thirsty between your tasks, you can quickly grab your tumbler and rehydrate. 

mom with newborn in momwrap on chest making a salad with toddler.

Find Ways To Exercise With And Without Your Children

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a few minutes of exercise into your day. Any form of exercise will do—may it be an early morning run, an after-dinner walk, or a short home-workout routine. You can be creative with your exercise routines and how you incorporate them into your daily schedule. In fact, you can even turn some household chores into exercise. For instance, lifting and rearranging furniture is already a good weightlifting workout.

It’s also a good idea to plan an exercise routine involving your family and your kids. Some kids are open-minded about trying out yoga postures or going for a morning walk. As your kids grow up, they may soon immerse themselves in sports like bicycle riding or swimming, some of the activities which the whole family can do. 

You can also use playtime with your kids as an exercise opportunity. Don’t hesitate to join them outdoors as they play tug-of-war, jumping ropes, and other games. Not only are you getting some good physical activity, but you’re also nurturing a bond between yourself and your kids.

Wrap Up

As you can see, having a healthy body is essential, especially if you’re a mom who wants to do everything for your family. Trying out these tips will give you a good start toward achieving a healthier version of yourself. Remember, a healthy and happy mother is the best thing you can provide for your family. 


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