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7 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Dehydrated

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Does your skin feel dry or dull? That could be a sign of dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the body lacks enough water to carry out its functions. You should never confuse dehydrated and dry skin. They sound similar, but dry skin is a skin-type while dehydrated skin is a condition. Severe dehydration can result in blood clots, sudden seizures, and fatal complications, and it’s better addressed by a doctor. The signs aren’t always thirst or fatigue though. Let’ break down the signs that your skin could be dehydrated.

7 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Dehydrated

7 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Dehydrated

  1. Increased Sensitivity and Itchiness

According to the International Dermal Institute, one of the clues for dehydrated skin is an increase in sensitivity. Both dehydration and dryness are precursors to sensitized skin.

Have you ever returned from an extreme outdoor activity like cycling or the beach and felt like scratching your skin? Extreme temperatures and natural elements like wind can carry off the moisture from the surface of your skin and leave an itchy feeling. It usually happens alongside flaking of your skin in spite of the oil on your skin’s surface.

  1. Your Skin Looks Rough and Dull

Your skin feels rough when you are dehydrated and to regain smoothness; you should detox it twice a week. You will be able to see the difference in a few months. Apply a vitamin C moisturizer on your face frequently to ensure your skin looks healthy.

Dehydrated skin is not able to perform functions like cell turnover. The skin will not also be able to shed its outer layer, and dead cells remain on its surface resulting in clogged pores and congestion.

  1. You Develop Bad Breath

Saliva is rich in antibacterial properties, but dehydration prevents your body from making enough saliva.

Without enough saliva, more bacteria overgrowth happens in the mouth, and one of the results is bad breath.

  1. Your Skin Feels Tight and Dry

If your skin feels tighter after washing, it could be an indication that your skin is dehydrated. Water in the skin helps to release dead skin to the surface. To solve this problem, you have to apply a good moisturizer. Always go for the moisturizer explicitly for dry skin.

Your skin feels dry to touch whenever it’s dehydrated. You may think that people who look sweaty are dehydrated, but that’s not true. You can get dry skin as you go through the stages of dehydration. The skin might also appear to be flushed, and when pinched, the skin will remain tented instead of returning to its regular flat appearance immediately.

  1. Your Urine Looks Yellow

If you are dehydrated, your body won’t have enough water resources for excretion and your urine will look yellowish.

You should watch out for dark yellow or orange urine. If you notice these colors, go on a fluid rampage.

  1. You See Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Look yourself in the mirror and pinch your skin on the cheek gently. If you see fine lines, then you are dehydrated.

A dehydrated skin signifies aging. The lines don’t appear like crow’s feet or smile lines but in a network of tiny and triangular fine lines.

  1. You Develop Headaches

Even mild dehydration is enough to cause a severe headache or trigger a migraine.

Drinking a full glass of water can be your first try to stop the headache. Sip more fluids in the day and ease the pain.


The solution to dehydration is water. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Always carry a bottle of water to work. If it becomes severe, consult your doctor for more advice.

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