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Lulu Photo Book Review

We take a lot of pictures. Add to the shuffle my seventeen-year-old who dreams of a photography career, and we’ve got an absurd number of prints on our hard drive. It’s the one thing about technology I’m not fond of, the loss of tangible photographs. We look at them, but it’s just not the same as taking out a picture to share with someone.

Years ago, my mom sent a photo book of photographs she had taken while visiting. My children ate it up and pulled it out every now and again. Now we’ve discovered Lula, a solution for photos.  Through online uploads and editing, it’s easy to create a photo book that adds personal touch and flair to your photographs.

I summoned Zac for the creation and told him to “have at it.”  I anticipated it would fill his afternoon. Imagine my surprise when in about 35 minutes, he came sauntering into the kitchen proclaiming, “That was really fun!” 

Zac explained the selected photos he had taken the previous year and selected a cover template, and after uploading the pictures, he could insert them where he wanted and add text. He told me it was “published” and asked when we’d be getting it because he wanted to share it with his friends.

It was really THAT easy.

The book arrived within ten days…give or take, because it arrived and was claimed quite possibly before I truly realized. ;)

Zac and I sat down, and immediately I was impressed. He chose a classic cover that he personalized with fluid motion pictures of himself. The inside pages were clean, and I could see Zac’s character lingering on the pages–not just through his photographs but through the template he had chosen and the occasional title he had given a picture.

Zac remembers a great day with his friend, SonjaLulu represents Zac and tells his story. It’s a beautiful interpretation of my son and his talent.I see so many possibilities with the self-publishing photo book. Holidays, time with family or long-distance friends. A school program or just every day captured on film. A selection of sizes, styles, and other products is available for personalization. Lulu is a great starting point for all of your photo personalization needs.

Zac loved that the book was hardbound and came out just as he envisioned it. What he saw on the preview was truly what arrived as the finished project. He likes how the pictures have a shadow that makes them look like they can be picked off the page, and the colors are vivid–just like his original photographs. also offers the option to publish any type of book. It’s a great outlet to write those thoughts and create your own children’s books, celebrate family with a cookbook highlighting favorite recipes, or whatever the imagination ignites within you!

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