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Chevy’s Mom’s Time Out: Mission One

Getting Inside the Traverse: 
Cargo Space

Welcome to Utah…home of the Utah Jazz, Mark Hoffman and large families. Take mine for example: six kiddos and a husband. It makes for a crammed calendar and the need to have space–especially while on the go. 

Immediately, the Chevy Traverse appealed to us. We all have our OWN seat. Two seats up front followed by two Captain-type seats and then a bench in the back. Easily comfortable for seven! No more screams of “He’s touching me!” or “Stop looking at me!” It’s a smooth ride on the go.

Typically we pile into our SUV, which seats eight, but it is crowded…so crowded we know where they got the name for the 1970’s hit television show, “Eight is Enough!” It’s always a struggle when we want to head out of town for camping. Inevitably we end up leaving behind camping gear because, well, the kiddos we’d choose to leave home aren’t of age to be left alone. You get the picture.

This week we went on our first Mommy Mission. Chevy gave me a gift card for $100 to spend at the grocery store. We’re appreciative, don’t get me wrong, but the common consensus when talking to my gal pals was “any car will hold $100 in groceries these days.” It’s true…our money doesn’t go as far as it once did at the grocery store. So I wanted to demonstrate the possibilities.

They are endless….seriously.

Li’l Man and I made a getaway to the mall once the dad went to work and the kiddos were in school. It was a fun day and we did some Holiday shopping. Piece of cake fitting it in. I think Li’l Man was a little concerned about how much we filled it up because he said “ay yi yi We need to get this home and hide it before Dad comes home.”

Then over the weekend, we were out and about and my dad builds himself a box. I don’t ask many questions, but he needed help. It was too big, once finished to fit in his car. I told him I’d stop by. He said it wouldn’t fit, “After-all, it’s 2’x2′ and 5′ long!” I told him, ‘I’ve never been good at math, but the seat goes down and it will fit. Indeed it did! All of it, with six inches still to clear. Also inside the Chevy Traverse were two kids, Hubby and I was the get-away driver!

If you’ve ever been a Mom to boys you know a band is just part of the plan. Part of being in the band is music and lots of practice. We put it to the test…three guys, a bass, an electric guitar, and a miniature keyboard and the back of the Chevy Traverse. Who knew!?

Finally, being the mom means you gotta be cool. The best way I know how to do this is to pack refreshments. My kiddos prefer them to be cold…so in the console, we pack the ultimate thirst quencher.

The Chevy Traverse is 116.4 ft³ of Cargo Volume, my model seats seven and roomy is something it does well.

See for yourself, visit any of the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and test drive a Chevy Traverse or Chevy Malibu to receive a complimentary one-hour massage at Massage Envy. You’ll love the legroom, headroom, and the endless possibilities of cargo space!

The Rocky Mountain Gotta Love Chvy Moms Time Out Campaign is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a ChevyTraverse to test drive for one month in exchange for blogging about my experiences using the vehicle. Mom’s Time Out  will be giving us Mom Missions to complete and will be providing us with gift cards to cover the expense of each the mission. All opinions stated are my own, completely honest and objective and not influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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