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Get Rid of That Old Pile of Junk: How to Sell Your Junk Car

Most cars last for around 8 years in good working condition

After this, you’ll start to find that you have to spend a lot on maintenance to keep them on the road.

When this happens it’s probably time to look at scrapping your car altogether.

This is what happens to 15 million cars in America every year.

If you’re about to sell your junk car then you’ve got plenty of options.

Taking the time to consider all of them could even help you make some money back on it, plus even get junk car removal at no added cost.

Taking the time to consider all of them could even help you make some money back on it!

So let’s take a look at how to junk a car in a way that suits you.

Read on to find out more!

Get Rid of That Old Pile of Junk: How to Sell Your Junk Car. Whether you want to make some money back or just get it off your hands.

Where Can You Sell Your Junk Car?

If you want to make some cashback on your car, then finding the right buyer is key.

And it might surprise you how many people are willing to buy a car that no longer runs!

Scrapyards and cash-for-car buyers will happily buy junk cars for money regardless of their condition.

This is because they can sell any recyclable materials from your car to manufacturers.

They might even keep some parts of your old car to sell for repairs.

But they aren’t the only people interested in buying your old car.

You might also be able to find a private buyer by taking out a local ad or posting online.

Private buyers are often interested in specific makes and models of cars.

So it’s always worth checking out the worth of your car.

This is especially true if your car is particularly old or is a special edition.

Having a popular make of car can also work in your favor, though. 

It means you’re more likely to be able to help out a buyer who is looking to replace their bonnet or bumper.

So posting online that you have car parts available could result in some great responses.

Selling parts of your car individually might also mean you get more money for your car overall.

 If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth it.

Sell Any Valuables Separately

Bumpers and wheel rims aren’t the only things to make the most of when you sell your junk car through a vendor like US Junk Cars.

Some parts of your car are extremely valuable and you can make real money off taking the time to sell them individually.

While recycling the steel or iron of your car might be challenging, other recyclable metals are easier to remove from your car.

Every car made after 1975 has a catalytic converter fitted.

These are responsible for controlling the car’s fuel emissions, but they use some precious metals.

These include: 




Because of this, selling your car’s catalytic converter separately could bring in a nice bit of cash.

Your car also contains copper and aluminum, which can be removed and reused making it extremely valuable.

You’ll find copper in your car’s wiring, starters, and alternators.

Aluminum is used in a car’s radiator and cylinder heads.

But metal isn’t the only valuable part of your car.

When you junk your car at a scrap yard any non-recyclables go through the shredder and become landfills.

This includes any electronic gadgets fitted in your car.

If these are still working you can remove them and sell them on to a second-hand store.

Most stores will happily buy: 

Stereos and radios

Hands-free phone devices

GPS units

Smart devices

Don’t let these go on the scrap heap; take them out to get the most for your money!

What to Do Before Scrapping Your Car

Before you sell a junk car to a scrapyard or private dealer, you should do a few things.

These will make the sales process smoother and might help you get more money for your old car.

Clean it up.

This might seem pointless if you’re taking your car to a junkyard, but a merchant will see more potential in a car in good condition and give you a better price for it.

Remove any personal belongings.

Once your car goes through the scrapping process, it will be hard to recognize, let alone retrieve anything from it!

So do a thorough sweep for any belongings before you hand it over.

red car that's wrecked and turned into a junk car

Make sure you have your paperwork in order.

Scrap dealers and private buyers will both give you a better price if you can produce a car with a clean title.

Speed up the process by having this all in order.

Sort out your license plates.

States have different guidelines on what to do with your license plates when selling a car.

Make sure you check your state’s rules before handing them over!

Do your research into the buyer.

Don’t let yourself become the victim of a scam.

Check out reviews of a buyer before you sign any paperwork and if it feels dodgy, get out straight away.

Keep these in mind; you can’t go wrong when getting rid of your old car.

Explore Your Options

If you Google “selling my junk car,” you’ll quickly realize that private buyers and scrapyards aren’t your only option.

Your other options might not make you money back on your vehicle but they’ll get it off your drive.

And a lot of them include helping out with local causes.

You could donate your car to charity.

They’ll then sell it on to a dealer for you and keep the proceeds.

This also saves you from paying tax on anything you make off your old car!

Or you could give your car to a local engineering school for teaching purposes.

If you want to get creative with your old car, why not donate it to a local playground?

It’ll need some safety-proofing but local kids will get heaps of fun out of it!

Or you could see if any local art projects are looking for materials to get creative with.

You could even use your old car to create new wildlife habitats.

Old cars are great for replicating reef life in ponds and lakes!

Any one of these is a great way to use your old motor to give back to your local community.

So it’s worth keeping them in mind.

Ready, Steady, Scrap!

As you can see, it’s really easy to sell your junk car and make the most of it.

Whether you want to make some money back or just get it off your hands, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Keep scrolling for more inspiration on how to keep on top of your home care tasks!

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