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Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

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Do you promise yourself to keep the car clean every time you get a new car? But a couple of weeks later, the trash starts accumulating, and drinks spilled on the floor. You are not alone in this. This is a common trend with car owners. Clean cars send a good message about their owners, and that is why people desire to keep them clean. However, maintaining an ever clean car requires some discipline. Below are tips you can apply every day to keep your car clean.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

1.  Shake out Mats Regularly

People’s shoes are the inevitable sources of dirt in your vehicle. By shaking your mats out frequently, you can go for days before vacuuming. You can also ensure that before getting into the car or other people boarding the car kick together muddy boots to get rid of any dirt or snow that would otherwise fall off in the car.

2.  Clean out Cup Holders.

It is advisable to throw away containers of your drive-through drink the soonest you can. You should carry some cotton in the glove compartment to remove any spills in the car before they dry up. You can also purchase a liner that prevents the spills from reaching your car.

3.  Trash Can

Keep a trash can in the car to help hold any trash before getting to a disposal point. This saves you the time of gathering the dirt when cleaning. It can be a plastic bag or a travel trash container. Always remember to empty it as soon as you can.

4.  Use Car Seat Protectors to Ensure Clean Seats

If you carry pets or kids, your seats are prone to dirt — crumbs or fur. Stains might also be common in their seats. You can bring with you paper towels to clean up to clean up any messes they cause immediately they occur. A toothbrush can also be used to remove small particles on the cracks and erasers for stubborn stains. Most car seat protectors are easy to clean.

5.  Take Something out Everytime You Leave

Apply the in-and-out rule. Everytime you get home, try to carry something of the car. This helps you avoid having a pile of stuff in the back seat. Remember to take everything you brought in before leaving home. Ensure to check under your seats for any leftovers. Get your passengers to follow the rule too.

6.  Keep Food Contained.

Please do not bring any food into the car at all. If you have to, then bring it into a container that can prevent crumbs from falling on the floor.

7.  Regular Maintenance and Cleaning.

The above tips will help you mainly while on the road. However, you still need to observe your cleaning schedule. Cleaning the insides of the window and vacuuming will help remove any accumulating dust in the car. Regular maintenance will also help you avoid mechanical issues that may cause unpleasant odors or dust build- up in the car.

It is vital that your car stays both comfortable and clean. According to statistics, most Americans spend a good fraction of their lifetime in vehicles. Thus your car can be your second home. Keep your car clean for the sake of convenience, less stress and safety.

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