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Tips to Keep an Infrared Grill Clean

How do you keep an infrared grill clean?

Party time is over.

The flavor of delicious and grilled meat still floating in their mouth, the guests were impressed by how to grill pizza, and their mind wondered about the next party.


So finally, if the party is over, the grilling appliance must also be cleaned.

Here are the tips to keep the infrared grill clean that will help you maintain the long life of the grill and enjoy outdoor gatherings for a long time.

The infrared grill needs inspection at least two times a year.

Some essential elements, like wearing the infrared grill, damaged heating material, grill grates, infrared plate, etc., should be inspected promptly.

Once the flaw is found, immediately replace the damaged part of the grill to maintain its longevity. 

cook cleaning an infrared grill after use

Tips to Keep the Infrared Grill Clean

Now let’s see how a proper and timely cleaning can make the infrared grills’ life longer.

Enjoying BBQ parties with juicy meat, delicious spring and summer recipes, and more seems excellent.

Infrared grills are a new entry in the grilling world & cook food with rays that form a juicy & crispy texture from both inside and outside.

Infrared grills are highly demanded due to their convenient usage, design, and affordable rates.

For a grill’s long life, its proper maintenance is a must.

At first, the high-temperature level used by infrared grills burns the food particles you cook, and those particles stick to the grill’s cooking surface.

So cleaning the grill accordingly is essential so that whatever mess is left behind cannot affect the grill’s longevity.

The grill grate is a space where meat is cooked.

So the grill grate needs to be cleaned perfectly.

person cleaning an infrared grill with mild detergent and water after use

Before you start cooking, clean the grates with a delicate and wet cloth to make cooking surfaces capable of distributing heat evenly.

If you are using the grill after a long time, you can use mild detergent and warm water to remove the grill dust.

Once the grilling is over, try to take the mess out quickly before it turns hard, sticks on the cooking surface, and makes cleaning hard.

It is believed that the food particles that turn hard and stick on the grill plates can be removed by setting the excessively high temperature for around 10 minutes immediately after cooking to remove all grime.

Before you move on with further cleaning, let the cooking surface cool down.

Now next, you can use the detergent base for better grill cleaning.

The grill plates can be separated from the grill, and stainless steel brush can be used to remove the grime.

If grime is more adamant, spray non-abrasive mild cleaner to avoid scrap formation.

The metal grates can be cleaned with a stiff brush of wire on each side for grime removal.

For cast-iron or porcelain-coated grill, a brush with fluffy nylon hairs can be used for cleaning mess.

Sprinkle the cleaner directly on grill plates or soft cloth and remove the grime.

Next, use a clean wet cloth to remove the left grime or cleaner and let it dry before installing it back in the grill.

Once you are done with grill grates cleaning, cleaning the grill body or exterior is also necessary.

You can remove the spots on the grill’s exterior with dishwashing soap or mild detergent.

Mix 1 tbs of either of these with 1/2 gallon quantity of water.

Now dive a soft cloth in this solution and rinse the grill.

This is perfect for the aluminum grill.

The mild cleanser with a non-abrasive property for a stainless steel grill will be perfect.

Again you can directly sprinkle it on the grill body and wipe it with a soft cloth.

You can also sprinkle drops on a soft cloth and clean the grill’s exterior.

person using cloth to clean infrared grill

Some Essential Tips for Grill Maintenance

After use, clean the excellent grill’s backside part with a paper towel every use to avoid grease collection.

While using the grill, keep cleaning every char that accumulates behind, which may appear messy.

Try to vacate the tray timely below the burner to avoid a mess.

Cover your grill to avoid any dust accumulation when not in use. Also, covering will protect your grill from harsh weather conditions.

When you place the meat on the grill, wipe off the liquid that can drip on the grill, as it reduces the chance of an enhanced mess.

Keep inspecting burners to avoid clogs.

man with apron enjoying cooking on infrared grill


Now you have outstanding points to make your favorite grill appliance serve you tasty meats.

Following these points will ensure better cleaning of the infrared grill to maintain its long-lasting durability & functionality.

The tips to keep the infrared grill clean will maintain the longevity of your grill appliance.

So never ignore these maintenance tips and enjoy the BBQ parties every summer & with your best friend.

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