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How to Grill Pizza #DIY

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We love us some pizza and while we grill year round, pizza on the grill is something we indulge in year round.

It’s quick and easy and maybe even fun!

You can find more great recipes from our friends at the Village Bakery.

Our Eggplant and Cheese Grilled Pizza

We use this handmade pizza dough recipe, but use whatever pizza dough your feel comfortable with and enjoy the taste of eating.

Preheat the grill. If you are using a gas grill, turn on high, close the lid and allow to heat for ten minutes, then reduce the heat on all burners to medium.

Work your pizza dough into a 12-inch shaped piece of dough–round, square or rectangle, it’s up to you. Allow it to be 1/8″ to 1/4″ in thickness.

Drizzle both sides of the dough with oil…the more oil, the crispier the crust.

Pick up the dough by the two corners closes to you. In one motion, lay it down flat on the cooking grate from back to front. Close the lid and grill for three minutes (don’t peek!), then check the crust and, if necessary, continue grilling a few more minutes until the bottom is well marked and nicely browned.

The bottom of the pizza (first side grilled) becomes your work surface.

Use tongs to transfer the crust from the grill to a rimless baking sheet. Close the lid of the grill. Flip the crust to reveal the grilled side–this is now your work surface. Top with sauce and ingredients.

how to grill a pizza #DIY

Switch the grill to indirect head by turning off the center burner or moving your charcoal to the outside edges.

Set the pizza back on the grill with the lid down, cook until the bottom is well browned and the cheese is melted–maybe 7 to 10 minutes. You may wish to rotate the pizza half way thorugh the cooking time.

Remove from grill and serve immediately.


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