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illy El Jefe Coffee Recipe

The official sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival, illy, called upon Master Barista Giorgio Milos in honor of the film, Chef, starring Jon Favreau and an A-List group of co-stars. This original coffee drink combines the classic Cafe Cubano and its Robusta beans with sugar during brewing to balance the bitter, astringent flavors with a wingman of ultra-high-temperature milk.

Milos calls this coffee drink El Jefe. Using 100 percent Arabica beans and fresh organic milk, it’s a coffee drink you’ll savor.

illy El Jefe Coffee #Recipe


illy El Jefe Coffee Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2oz espresso shots (2 shots of espresso)
  • 2oz hot whole milk (Warmed, not steamed)
  • 5g white sugar (2 illy sugar packets) 

illy El Jefe Coffee

How to Make illy El Jefe Coffee 

  1. Put the sugar into a cup
  2. Pull a double shot over the sugar
  3. Steam milk, no foam
  4. Pour milk gently into a cup

Total drink volume 4oz

Serving: Cappuccino cup 5.5oz + saucer. Spoon optional

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