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How To Make Traditional Chinese Tea

Many of us absolutely love tea and drink it as a regular part of our routine. But, what are you supposed to do when you want to break out of the mold a bit and try to get tea that may be a little more traditional? Chinese tea is at the core of all traditional tea, and many people want to learn how they can brew it the way they did back in ancient China. So, of course, in this article, we’re going to share how you can make traditional Chinese tea.

What Makes Chinese Tea Different?

Chinese Green Tea is a type of unfermented tea.

It is unique in that it doesn’t go through the typical withering and oxidation process used when making other tea.

Chinese Green Tea usually has a sweet and light flavor, coupled with a toasty taste.

chinese tea brewing

How to Make Traditional Chinese Tea:

Choosing the Tea Leaves:

The first thing you have to do is choose the leaves you will be using.

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to ensure that you get good Chinese tea leaves.

There are many options out there, some online, that will make it as easy as possible to ensure that you’re going to be able to get the tea that you enjoy for a price that you can afford.

Brewing the Traditional Chinese Tea:

Now, of course, we’re going to take a look at the brewing since that’s what you’re going to be doing after picking the leaves you’re going to use.

The primary way to do it is to brew tea leaves, which is how many people make tea in the first place.

You take the tea leaves and put them into the teapot that you’re going to be using.

Then, you take the teapot, boil the water until it is warm enough for the tea in the first place, and then put the boiling water into the cup.

Stir the tea as necessary, add everything you would add to it to give it the flavor you want, and it will be ready to go.

Using a tea strainer:

Another way that you can do it is through a sifting system.

There are all sorts of different types of leaf strainers that you can get, and many of them are affordable.

So, instead of putting them right into your teapot, you can put them in one of these strainers.

While that’s a little different from traditional tea, it will help make the flavor a little less poignant and make it easier for you to enjoy the tea without making many modifications to tone down the flavors.

Do you want to learn more about the art of making tea?

Do you want to see how much of a difference it can make when you drink and enjoy tea?

Do you want access to teas from all over the world that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home?

Learn about all teas and see whether there is a right tea for you and what you’re looking for.

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What is the Most Common Chinese Tea:

The oldest and most popular Chinese tea is Chinese green tea.

This tea has been enjoyed in China for several thousand years.

Green tea is made from the new shoots of the tea plant, and the tea leaves are dried and processed according to the type of tea desired.

Chinese produce more green tea than other kinds (black, red, green, white).

About 80% of the world’s green tea is grown in China.

Also, Green tea is generally the least processed form of tea.

What are the most famous types of Chinese Tea:

Typically Chinese tea is divided into categories
  • Fully Oxidized. This tea is more known in the West as Black tea (they are known as Red Tea in China)
  • Semi-Oxidized. Oolong teas are in this category of tea. They are sometimes called semi-green or blue-green tea. …
  • Post-Fermented (Aged) This category has the famous Pu-Erh tea (Bow Lay in Cantonese) from Yunnan province.

chinese tea

What is in a traditional Chinese tea set?

A traditional Chinese tea set consists of a tea spoon, tea clip, fair cup, tea tray, teapot, kettle, cup bracket, tea cup, and fragrance-smelling cup.

These items can be made from glass, porcelain, or sand. 

The ritual of traditional Chinese tea may also include certain teas with certain sets. 

For example,  green tea is usually brewed in transparent glass cups to release its flavor fully and to provide an appreciation of the changing of tea in its making process. Black tea is usually brewed in white porcelain cups to reflect the beautiful color of the tea.

What is a Fair Cup?

The degree of contact between the water and tea leaves affects the flavor and color of the tea, so if you pour the tea directly from the teapot into tea cups, the taste in different cups will be different.

A fair cup creates the same taste in tea cups.

First, the tea water is poured into the fair cup and shaken well to average the consistency of the tea before pouring it into different cups.

A fair cup typically has a larger opening and capacity than a teapot.


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