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How to Get Kids to Play Outside During Winter

Winter is the season for your kids to cuddle with their plushies blankies, and enjoy warm chocolate. However, indoor fun can get boring fast. Playing outside during winter promotes physical development.

It encourages kids to use their whole bodies and exercise essential muscle groups. The emotional benefits of outdoor play include an improved ability to assess risks and self-confidence. Use these tips to encourage your kids to play outside during winter. 

  1. Dress them Appropriately

There is no such thing as bad weather-just bad clothing. Your kids will be excited to go out and play if they aren’t worried about being cold. If you are out with the kids, dress appropriately as well. Instead of heavy cotton, dress in layers. That way, you can take something off if someone gets too hot.

Cotton can be the devil when you want to ward off the chill. Instead of wicking moisture away, it absorbs it.

girl playing with snowman in winter

  1. Bring a Warm Drink

You must keep your kids warm and hydrated while they play. What better way to do this than with a warm drink? They will love hot cocoa, apple cider, or healing turmeric tea.

Stopping to drink and snack will give your outing some structure. It also makes it easier to transition to other games or activities. Your kids can take breaks to appreciate the calmness of the outdoors during winter.

boy in winter clothes holding cup of hot chocolate

  1. Go With the Flow

The HuffPost says although you may be excited to get your kids out of the house, don’t push them too hard. Put your agenda aside and let the kids take the lead. Allow them to explore and try out different activities.

If you are too nervous about taking them away from home, let them play in your backyard and gradually move to your local park and forests.

kids playing outside in winter

Playing Safely-What to Do In Case of a Serious Slip-and-Fall Accident

The risk of slip-and-fall accidents is exceptionally high during winter. If you aren’t careful, your kids could get into serious accidents. Winter brings ice and snowflakes. While they can be fun, they also introduce new risks in the playground. Here are a few tips for safe playing:

  • Look out for signs of frost bites. They include blistered, pale, or grey skin. The danger signs may appear on your nose, toes, fingers, or ears. If a child has signs of frostbite, bring them indoors and put affected areas in warm water.
  • Look out for slurred speech, excessive clumsiness, shivering, and other signs of hypothermia. Contact emergency services immediately.
  • Use sunscreen even if it doesn’t seem like you need it
  • Beware of hood strings, scarves, and other clothing hazards
  •  Since winter air is dry, ensure that the kids stay hydrated at all times

kids enjoying winter

If your child is involved in a slip-and-fall accident, they may suffer a concussion or other brain/head injuries. Searching ‘concussion doctors near me’ should help you find good doctors close to you. If your child has just been involved in a severe slip-and-fall accident, take the following steps:

  •  Stay calm and check them for visible injuries or signs of bleeding and administer first aid
  • Apply a cold pack for about 15 minutes to minimize the swelling and pain
  • Seek medical attention
  • Take a photo of the accident scene if possible

Being cooped up in the house for long hours can be tedious and depressing for any kid. Fortunately, winter doesn’t have to be a depressing time. In addition to the regular indoor fun, kids can also enjoy a few hours of outdoor playtime.

Although playing outside during winter can be dangerous, there are ways to make it safe. If your child suffers a fall or accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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