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How to Fix a Car Roof Lining

The roof lining is an integral part of a car that improves its interior appeal. It is the fabric that covers the interior of your car ceiling.  However, most people don’t pay attention and maintain their roof lining. It is essential to clean the fabric regularly and fix it as soon as it starts sagging.

The roof lining starts sagging due to many reasons. One common reason is that the adhesive holding the fabric to the board underneath melts due to excessive heat from the metal roof. Other reasons involve mishandling and non-maintenance of the roof lining. You can call a professional to fix your headliner or fix it yourself at home. Let us know more about how to fix a car roof lining.

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How to Fix a Car Roof Lining

Glue the fabric.

If your car roof lining fabric sags or comes out from the edges, you can fix it using fabric glue.

A special glue for fixing the car roof liner is available at car accessories stores.

It is best to buy a globe that is available in a spray can.

Hold the fabric with one hand and spray the glue with the other hand on the fabric’s underside.

Then put it back in its place and press it gently with your palms.

The gluing method is useful only if the fabric is sagging from the corners or edges.

Use Sequin Pins

It is possible to glue the headliner from the corners and edges without removing it.

However, if the fabric starts sagging from areas other than corners and edges, it becomes difficult to use glue.

If the fabric sags from multiple areas, it is best to remove it completely along with the board underneath and replace it with a new fabric sheet.

However, if you want a quick-fix solution, you can pin it up using sequin pins available at any stationery store.

Clear-headed twisted pins.

If the headliner fabric is sagging from multiple areas of your car roof, you can use clear-headed twisted pins to fix it.

These pins are also called Saggy Stoppers.

These are a better alternative to the standard pins as they are rounded and can fix the fabric firmly on the roof liner board.

Also, they keep the fabric in its place for longer than the sequin pins.

Steam Cleaner and Paint Roller

The roof liner’s sagging is caused due to the weakening of the adhesive that binds it with the board underneath.

You can fix the weak adhesive under the fabric using a steam cleaner and paint roller.

The steam cleaner helps to melt the adhesive, and the paint roller helps press the fabric firmly on the board and make it stick to the board.

The method works well on the corners and edges.

However, if the fabric is sagging for long, the glue may not melt as it hardens with time.

It is best to take professional help and replace the entire roof lining by removing it from the car in such conditions.

Double-sided tape

The double-sided tape is easily available at the stores selling stationery items.

However, the method is useful only for the roof liner sagging from the corners and edges.

It would be best to use the double tape like you used the spray glue on the fabric’s underside.

Cut the double-sided tape into small pieces and hold the fabric with one hand.

Now press some tape on the fabric’s underside firmly on the board.

Make sure you don’t develop any folds and creases while putting the fabric back in its place.

The glue on the tape is so strong that it can hold the fabric in its place for months.

However, the method is temporary and not recommended for the long term.

You can use double-sided tape to fix the headliner for a few days.

After that, you should call a professional to fix the roof liner permanently.

Replace the entire roof liner.

If the fabric is sagging from multiple areas for a long time, fixing it using the above methods is not recommended.

You need to replace the headliner with new fabric by removing the fabric and board from the car.

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Final Words

These are some ways to fix a car roof lining.

However, these methods offer you a temporary fix for your car headliner.

If you want to fix it permanently, you should avail a professional service like Mobile Roof Linings Brisbane, especially if you need to replace the entire headliner.

Following the tips in this post can help car owners fix their car roof lining and prevent further sagging.

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