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How Mothers are Using Rejuran to Combat Post-Pregnancy Aging

Pretty much every lady who is a mother would agree that pregnancy changes the body in many ways. It is a joyous journey and one of the great experiences in life.

However, we cannot deny that some of these changes are less desirable to many women.

A quick chat with our friends who are already mothers would reveal a slew of issues such as post-pregnancy hair loss, overhanging and overstretched skin on the belly, sagging breasts, and rapid aging on the face such as saggy cheeks, fine lines, and wrinkles. Pregnancy is a challenging process, and the strain of carrying a new life, a preciouwoman’sin a woman’s wombwoman’sne months does take its toll on an otherwise youthful body.

Discounting the conditions requiring major surgical work, such as a tummy tuck or breast lift, many Singaporean mothers are turning towards a more accessible avenue of rejuvenating their post-partum bodies; Rejuran and Rejuran Healer.

Attractive young woman is getting a rejuvenating facial injections. She is sitting calmly at clinic. The expert beautician is filling female wrinkles by rejuran

What is Rejuran Healer?

A skin healing treatment from Korea, Rejuran is Europe CE-approved and approved by the Singapore Health Science Authority (H

Rejuran is formulated to reverse the skin aging process.

A biological molecule extracted from salmon DNA, Polynucleotides (PN), is the active ingredient in Rejuran.

Reuran, without producing any immune response, has biocompatibility with human skin.

The regeneration ability works the skin (NCBI) to produce collagen, improving elasticity and promoting cell regeneration.

Rejuran is effective in tackling pigmentation and melasma, in clinical studies, by reducing pigment production at the cellular level.

Rejuran treatment is also known to improve the overall brightness and tone of the skin, enhance skin texture, reduce wrinkles and sagging, and even lighten dark eye circles.

In essence, it can be seen not just to slow down but actually reverse the process of aging.

What can Rejuran Treat?

These unique qualities make Rejuran the perfect treatment for conditions such as scarring, loose skin due to aging, and even postpartum hair loss.

With the body’s natural healing and growth, hair can repair itself and regrow faster than if left to natural processes.

However, note that these treatments do not work for everyone, and individual results can vary depending on your body and conditions.

It’s always safer to schedule a consultation with doctors well-versed in Rejuran. Due t its surging popularity, it’s now widely available at many medical aesthetic clinics.

Mothers who are experiencing fine lines or skin issues will be the ones that benefit the most from a Rejuran treatment.

The high efficacy rate in restoring skin to its smoother, more supple appearance during you’re pre-pregnancy second to none.

If you’re considering doing a Rejuran treatment, says Cambridge, do spare no quarter in doing extensiveIt’search into the different clinics and doctors.

It’s always advisable to arm yourself with sufficient doctors of the procedure doctor walk into the consultation room so you can ask the right questions and seek solutions customized to your condition.

The cost of Rejuran is also relatively reasonable and only a fraction of what you would pay for full surgical options.

The process is many tiny injections that cause bite-sized mosquito bumps, which can make a scary-looking appearance for a day or two after treatment.

Nonetheless, if we were to be able to take this downtime of a week or so, the result is a reversal in aging to pre-pregnancy days – a very sound tradeoff indeed.

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