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4 Easy Steps to Succeed in Microsoft 70-764 Exam by Knowing Its Topics and Using Practice Tests

The MCSA badges are among the most popular in the Microsoft certification program. Most of them cover fast-evolving technologies that it is almost impossible to learn every part of them. Thus, SQL Server has already got a new version at the end of 2019, but you can still be certified in 2016. And suppose you want to gain some knowledge in this area and become an infrastructure specialist or a database administrator. In that case, you need to speed up because all the associate-level credentials, including Microsoft MCSA 70-764 Exam Dumps: SQL 2016 Database Administration, will be retired on January 31, 2021.

In this article, we will pay attention to the details of this MCSA certificate that you need to know before starting anything.

Let’s look at every step you should take to succeed.

IT staff preparing for the Microsoft 70-764 exam

Step 1: Check if you are eligible for the certification.

MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration covers two main areas: the administration of SQL Database Infrastructure and the preparation of SQL Databases. 

They form two exams you must pass to obtain this associate-level certificate.

That is why you should possess at least some foundational IT skills.

If you don’t have them, you can first start with one of the MTA credentials.

The perfect scenario is when you are a database professional who knows how to install, maintain, and configure tasks, set up database systems, and monitor them to let them operate efficiently, as well as store, back up, and secure data from unauthorized access.

You may also be a senior developer, an architect, or an infrastructure specialist who knows a thing or two about different data synchronization techniques, Cloud service models, data storage options, and service model architectures.

Step 2: Explore the exam details you need to know

As we mentioned above, for this MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams MCSA certification, you will need to sit for two tests: 70-764 and 70-765.

We will discuss the first exam because it is an opening line that you must pass.

If you ace it, the second test will be much easier.

The 70-764 certification exam is created to evaluate an individual’s ability to execute several tasks.

All in all, you need to know how to perform the following tasks:

Managing and monitoring SQL Server instances:

This area covers about 35-40% of the entire exam content.

The subsections covered within the scope of this domain include monitoring of queries, database activity, SQL Server instances, and the management of indexes and statistics.

Configuring data access and auditing:

This topic entails encryption and audit configuration, as well as permissions and data access configuration.

It is essential to mention that this area covers around 20-25% of the entire content.

Managing high availability and disaster recovery:

This objective comes with 20-25%.

It covers various knowledge areas, such as log shipping implementation, failover cluster instance implementation, AlwaysOn Availability, the configuration of shared volumes, and management of shared disks.

Managing restoration and backup of the database:

This subject covers many knowledge areas and makes up 20-25% of the Microsoft 70-764 exam content.

The domains covered include backup strategy development, database integrity management, and database restoration.

As for the structure, there will be about 40-60 questions in this test, which will be of different types, such as mark review, multiple-choice, active screen, case study, drag and drop, hot area, short answer, and even more.

They are supposed to be answered within 2 hours.

The Microsoft 70-764 exam syllabus may change at any time.

Since Microsoft usually updates its tests based on industry trends and demands, the vendor may see it necessary to change this exam format at any time.

Therefore, those preparing to take this certification test should regularly check the Microsoft website for any changes.

To pass the 70-764 exam, you must get at least 700 points.

The candidates who fail to get this passing score have another chance to try their luck after 24 hours.

Further attempts are only possible after 14 days or so from the date of the previous try.

The test costs $165.

IT staff working on computer after passing the Microsoft 70-764 Exam

Step 3: Find reliable preparation resources.

The Microsoft 70-764 exam contains complex questions and comprehensive topics.

The good news is that Microsoft provides various study materials right on its official website to the applicants.

They include instructor-led or self-paced training courses, practice tests, and books.

These prep resources will equip you with the competence required to answer the questions in this exam.

One of the best sites you can add to your list is ExamSnap.

It allows you to buy the premium bundle, including a study guide, video courses, and practice questions with answers, at a reasonable price.

Combining these two sources will increase your chances of succeeding.

Step 4: Register for the exam

Those students who are ready to take Microsoft 70-764 can register for it right on the official website.

To apply for this test, you need to click on the “Schedule Exam” button on the certification page.

The platform will offer you to log into your Microsoft account and pay the fee of $165.

You will receive clear instructions to guide you on how to go through the entire registration process.


Passing any certification exam shows how dedicated and determined an IT specialist is in their career.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg because getting a credential gives you much more.

By taking the above-mentioned simple steps, you will gain the required knowledge to help you pass your exam with flying colors and earn the sought-after certificate that will change your professional life.

Follow them, and you will surely succeed.

Good luck!

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