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The Base for Student Housing Requirements

There are several student housing requirements that the students need to take into account before looking for accommodation.

Moving abroad for studies is a callous decision and a life-changing event for the students.

It requires a lot of research and paperwork to shift to a new city with a new culture and unknown people.

Apart from the study courses and finances, finding a place for accommodation is equally important.

Finding out housing options overseas is a difficult task for a person, especially one with no known person in the new city.

And there are certain aspects on which the choice of housing accommodation depends.

The budget is one of the most important bases on which a student starts his search.

Student Housing London provides different kinds of accommodations varying based on price, room type, distance to college, and bathroom.

These accommodations can even be recommended and booked by the student’s educational institute.

The on-campus accommodations are secured and safe.

Additionally, these houses have a good location which can be near to the school itself.

This can be advantageous for the new batches as they will be provided with all the arrangements when they arrive in the city.

And the other way is to find out by living on your own. Various websites and agencies post the availability of rooms and apartments on their pages.

Students can go through these sites or seek help from the already residing students.

There are several aspects which the students need to take into account before looking for accommodation.

Every pro and con of these aspects needs to be noted and considered.

dorm room as student housing requirements

Housing options

There are a variety of options when it comes to finding accommodation.

The choice of this depends upon the student’s needs and the budget.

Many students’ most popular choice is a dormitory, also known as dorms.

These are the private halls of residence or identical rooms.

Several students commonly share the bathrooms and kitchens in the tallest uni student tower, so usually, the floors are differentiated on a gender basis.

Sometimes the dorms also have several lockable rooms and en-suite on a single floor.

This facility is also provided by the college authorities, especially to the new students, so it becomes easy and convenient for them to adjust to the unique atmosphere.

The students are entitled to communal living.

However, this option lacks the aspect of privacy.

Therefore, graduates preferably go for personal apartments.

girls dorm room in hot pink

Many students’ most popular choice is a dormitory, also known as dorms.

House or apartments

Various agencies especially aim to provide overseas students with houses and apartments according to their needs.

The owners provide them with living on a rental basis.

The landlords of these houses understand the needs of the students, so sometimes they also offer the utilities and furniture along with the rooms.

Therefore, the students must take care of things like proximity to the college and market, privacy, and rental agreements before signing in.

It can provide complete privacy and independence as compared to the dorms.

Host family

Some local families are likely to host an international student with the accommodation facilities on the universities’ recommendations.

This can be a good option for students interested in learning the language and culture of the country they are studying in.

This also helps to overcome homesickness.

The family members often share common areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

And the food is also included in the accommodation.

student housing requirements off campus students share a house

The contractual terms

Various terms like lease contracts should be carefully read and understood to get the rental commitment for a particular period.

This defines the time duration of the rental stay in the accommodation facilities of the landlords.

It is important to know the period of the lease contract to avoid any problem of being homeless.

Most colleges provide a lease period of a semester or the whole degree.

The other things which need to be known before shifting are the utilities, Wi-Fi, mail, and cable.

All these should be checked based on working conditions as they form a significant part of living.

The student must personally check the location before residing.


This is another important factor that holds the decision to finalize the accommodation.

One should research the proximity to the college.

Various questions arise when there is a considerable distance between the housing and the college.

The student must find out the transportation facility’s availability near the housing.

Further, the Amount of money and time needed to reach the college through transportation needs to be calculated.

Additionally, one has to look for the reach to other basic facilities like grocery stores, post offices, and eating places.


This is one such aspect that should never be overlooked or compromised while choosing the housing option.

One should take recommendations from various people in the city and the college authorities, ensuring the safety norms of that particular residential area.

The student moving overseas is full of responsibilities and new experiences, yet a lot of confusion.

They are most vulnerable to being fooled out by some burglaries.

students in college hall with closeup of male student holding book

Shared accommodations

The online university boards provide housing options to their students but on a shared basis.

So, in this case, a student is provided with common living rooms and shared en-suite with other students who may belong to totally different nationalities.

This can help to know and initiate friendships with schoolmates.

With the help of local housing agencies and educational institutes, various search engines are there for the students’ service to provide them with off-campus accommodations and dual occupancy studios.

Housing is an integral part of a student’s career abroad.

Once the accommodation issue is sorted, one can easily concentrate on studies and other activities.

Moving to a totally new country is a big challenge, especially when there are tons of tasks.

Therefore, planning accommodation and weighing it on the different benchmarks to suit different requirements should be done well in advance.

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