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How Do You Bathe a Baby in the Sink?

It may seem very tricky for the new parents to give a bath to the little ones. It takes a lot of preparation before taking the baby for a bath, starting from preparing the tub or sink, water, plastic pitcher, soap, washcloths, etc. You can learn the tips for how do you bathe a baby in the sink from this helpful guide. 

You can use different options for giving a bath to your child as per your comfort. There are sink tubs and bathtubs that you can use considering space and safety. But while they are in the water, make sure to hold the baby securely, whatever option you choose.

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Choosing Baby Bath Tub

Before taking the baby to bathe, you have to choose the proper bathtub and prepare them adequately. The most common place is a sink people use to bathe their babies. Using a sink lets the parents bathe the babies effortlessly and more comfortably. You can see the Baby Sink Bathtub Reviews to help decide on the perfect fitted tub for the sink. You can choose a baby basin tub or rubber mold tub.

Basin tubs can fit into the sink, bathtub, ground, counter table, or any other surface. While using the sink for bathing, make sure you stand at a comfortable height. It will allow you to hold the baby securely. Also, consider all other things that can injure the baby. Clean the sink thoroughly with soap and water to keep it clean and hygienic. To make the sink less slippery, you can make lines with rubber or heavy towels.

How Do You Bathe a Baby in the Sink?

It seems very easy when talking about bathing a baby, but it requires some precautions. Follow the below processes to learn how do you wash a baby in the sink.

Collect Supplies

Ensure you have all the necessary products while bathing the baby. You will require baby soap, shampoo, a clean or dry towel, washcloths, a cup, a fresh diaper, and clean clothes.

Filling the Tub

Fill the clean and safe tub roughly with 3 inches of warm water. The water temperature should be 90° F to 100°F, says BabyGaga. Swirl the water and touch it by using the inside of your wrist. The water should be warm and not hot. As the water can be dangerously hot for the baby’s skin so, never add them while the baby is in the tub.

Hold the Baby Securely

It feels hard to hold the babies when they are wet. You should support the baby’s head, neck, and back with one arm. It will prevent slipping and make a firm grip. For supporting the child’s body, always use one arm because another one will be needed for giving baths.

Cleaning Face

Take disposable cotton pads or soft cotton cloth to clean the baby’s face. Never rub the baby’s skin too hard or roughly. Dab the tissue or cotton softly around the eye corner, nose, behind the ears, neck creases, and mouth.

Don’t use this cloth or tissue inside the baby’s ear, nose, and mouth. You should put cups of warm water periodically over the baby’s body. It will prevent them from getting cold.

Wash the Entire Body

A soapy washcloth will be the best choice to wash the baby from top to bottom. Cleansers meant are very mild and irritation-free, which is best for the baby’s skin. So, you can use it instead of regular soap and shampoo. For washing the hair, at first, wet the baby’s hair with a small amount of water.

Then massage the shampoo in a circular motion and rinse off with the help of your hands or cup. Washing the diaper area is a must. Be very gentle while cleaning the baby’s genitals. Don’t use soap; it can irritate. Lastly, use several cups of warm water to rinse the whole body thoroughly.

Keep the Bath Short

Some babies really enjoy their bath time. If you see that the baby is enjoying it, feel free to hold the baby a few more times in the warm water. But, remember not to give them bathe for more than 5 minutes.

The water will get cold over time and may make the baby cold. On the other side, some babies cry a lot during baths. If they cry, see the water temperature; if it is warm enough, then don’t worry.

Dry the Baby

Carefully support the baby’s head and neck using one arm. With another arm, hold the beneath of the baby’s bottom. Support the baby’s body weight evenly and slowly lift them.

To dry the baby, always use a clean and dry towel. Properly dry them out; otherwise, wet skin can cause rashes and irritation. Don’t rub their skin rather, pat gently with a soft towel. Never forget to dry all the creases of your baby.

Some Precautions

You should keep some important factors in mind about bathing the baby. Bathe the baby at most three times a week. Too often, bathing can dry the baby’s skin and make them uncomfortable. Never ever leave the baby unattended, not for a single moment also. If it is necessary to go to another room, wrap the baby with a dry towel. After that, bring them with you.

The Takeaway

While bathing, it is necessary to keep your eyes always on the baby and never unattended them. Ensure the water is warm, the room is not cold, and the baby is comfortable. You can use several places to give the baby a comfortable bath.

Most parents find it easier to bathe their babies in the sink because it is less stressful (source: MayoClinic). So, this article can help you to give your baby a bath in the sink. We provide all safety tips and tricks for how do you bathe a baby in the sink. So, follow these tips before starting using the sink for a baby bath.

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